Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blueberries, Five Times

November 2007

As frequent readers of this page already know, this girl loves a blueberry. Quite without reservation I think that the blueberry is pretty much the best berry out there. No briars to watch out for when picking. No large seeds to get lodged between your teeth. They taste scrumptious as a hand fruit but are likewise good in a pie (or crisp or pancake or muffin or galette or or or). I picked wild blueberries on Mount Mitchell this summer with abandon, and opening our freezer packed with blueberries from these trips never fails to give me a little shiver of delight. But wild blueberries come on late here, and as B. said once, there is just nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning and picking berries in your pajamas for the morning pancakes.

As such, here are the newest additions to the garden:

This week we put in five three-year-old blueberry bushes along the front edge of our yard. We are immediately in love with them, in part because the yard really needed *something* along that edge, and in part because blueberry plants are really beautiful. Lots of folks around here plant Burning Bush to get some low lying fall color, but frankly I don’t think they’ve got anything on the color of a blueberry bush in fall. Plus, you know, the berries! In truth we will probably pick all the blossoms off of these plants this spring in order to direct their energy to establishing strong roots. But hopefully the year after that we will be picking blueberries from June, when the earliest fruiting kind comes on, until August when the latest kind wraps up. Then we’ll head for the mountains in September and pick until the freezer is full again.

Sunday's breakfast.

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