Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bowls and Paper and Peas

March 2008

Hey again out there. Lordy, I have felt so busy lately, but in a really good way. Spring is practically humming under my feet. We are peering at our blueberry bushes (we have tiny, tiny leaves on our early fruiting kind!) and putting the early peas in and saying goodbye to old broccoli plants. I am crazy about this end of the time change, all that daylight left after getting home from work! I am a girl who fades when the sun goes down, especially when it’s cold, but give me daylight and warmer temperatures and I will garden and prune and cook and read and ride bikes and play tunes and and…

Lessee. Here are some pictures of a bowl I made a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, pottery is about getting used to disaster. And the unexpected. I think I made three bowls that I actually liked, and the rest should be used for target practice. Yeesh.

In other excitement around the house, B. and I made our wedding invitations this weekend. We borrowed a Gocco printer from a friend of a friend and turned the study into a mini print shop. Gocco printers are something I had only read about, and I thought that I wanted one but wasn’t sure if it was going to be the sort of thing that just sounded really neat but I never got around to doing (like, ahem, knitting, which I really do enjoy but never ever seem to have time for). Now that I have laid my hands on a Gocco, I am in love. Totally nifty, kind of like a silkscreen for little paper projects. Plus, as it turns out, B. is an excellent drawer of things. Which is especially fabulous because I am not. I wish I saved the piece of paper with my “I think it should look like this” drawing on it, because it would surely make you giggle to see my sketch next to the finished project. Anyway, too many people who read this thing are going to get one and I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’m not putting a close-up here until they are off to their destinations. But here are some production shots:

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