Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken Coop Tales

March 2008

Hullo out there. Happy Spring, all.

Speaking of chickens, we still don’t have ours. They are on backorder, if you can believe that. They are telling us another week and half. It’s killing us! Oh well, it still feels pretty chilly here, and these baby chicks will not have a mama to sit on ‘em and keep them warm, so perhaps the delay is for the best.

In the meantime: a few days after Rachel’s weddings, one of her friends sent me an email saying that she had something for me. It was very mysterious. I think she used the words “horribly terrific” and she said that she thought of me right away when she saw it. Everyone knows that I am a total pushover for packages in the mail, so I could hardly wait to see what the surprise was. Well, I tell you, I wouldn’t have been able to guess this if you’d given me 50 shots. Inside the package was an enormous rubber chicken purse. Yep, rubber chicken purse, you heard me the first time. I nearly died laughing. These kinds of things are love or hate. And I freakin’ love this chicken purse.

But the story is not over. For a while the chicken just sort of moved around the house in various comical locations. And then, you know, life happens and as far as I knew the chicken was hanging on the back of B’s study door. And then I looked out the window, prepared to cast the empty chicken coop a look of longing and prepared to sigh my “damn I wish the chicks would get here” sigh, and there was the chicken, in the coop. Just sitting there all chicken like. See for yourself:

Thanks for the package Shanna, you knocked my socks off!

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