Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chinese New Year

February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Rat is upon us as of Thursday. Not usually ones for the January 1 variety of New Year, we threw a Chinese New Year party this weekend complete with homemade dumplings stuffed with pork and ginger and garlic and scallions and this cake, which was an absolute show stopper and singlehandedly changed my mind about whether I need a KitchenAid mixer in my life (seriously, you beat egg yolks forever and then egg whites for forever and a day and then you whip the cream for another lifetime...). Much fun. [Ok, I just reread that dumpling sentence and realized that one could think that we stuffed the them with chocolate cake. Which we did not, but does sort of call to mind a terrifying molten chocolate fried affair which just makes me giggle so I'm leaving my poorly constructed sentence alone.]

What else. Reading Annie Dillard. Enjoying it thoroughly, her just moving the plot right under your feet in a single sentence.

Loving my latest kitchen find, a vintage pyrex double boiler. Found for a steal on ebay after growing totally offended by the price of an All-Clad double boiler. So there.

And last, but so totally not least: my guy and his dad built a present for me this weekend. Those of you in the know will read this and instantly know that this is the realization of a dream about to come true: the boys made me a chicken coop! They sketched and sawed and hammered and devised, and there is now a chicken mansion in the backyard. Sufice to say that I am a girl who has always wanted to have her own chickens. They just crack me up to no end, and anyone who can't taste the difference between eggs that chickens in the backyard kick down and eggs from the grocery store, well, needs to go eat more eggs until they can. But eggs aside, I got even more antsy for chickens once we started a real garden. There's so much incredible stuff in your garden that non-starving humans don't eat that chickens LOVE to eat! You know, the piece of kale that you accidentally stepped on, the beet green that got slimy against the frost blanket, the arugula that has gone to seed - not to mention the stray cabbage worm here and there... Sure, all of this stuff can go in your compost and eventually be a part of your garden again. But chickens! Those goofballs just speed that process up about 1000 times. All while making you giggle.

The boys, beside the finished summer version (in the winter we will close in the wired parts with wood). It is now going to kill me to wait until chicks are widely available around here, but I assure you that it will be soon. Prepare yourselves for chicken portraiture. Immense gratitude to B. and his Dad for braving the cold garage and catering to my every fancy in chicken coop architecture...!

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dig this chick said...

Love your coop! Carpenter husbands are the greatest. How many chicks do you have? Oh, they are so stinkin cute when they all itty bitty.