Monday, April 28, 2008

Color Week: Green

Good morning kiddos. Rainy rainy rainy here…rain the day after planting is such good fortune. The new neighbors were holding court in their driveway at 6, probably unaware that our heads were about five feet from them. I am no good at getting back to sleep these days, a gift from my Mum and my Gran before her. Ladies, I bet we are all up at the same ungodly hour more than we know. Plus I heard on the radio that it might frost tomorrow night! No. Way. I will wail and gnash teeth, I really will. Actually, everything will be just fine except my Runner Beans Round Two. Which, I should state for the record especially after being chastised on the telephone by certain persons, are a very early, cold loving kind of runner bean. But not frost loving. Maybe I will cover them each with a yogurt container. They are much smaller than the casualties were last time, which I think is good as there is less fleshy leaf to get nipped.

But enough of all that! The lovely Leya is having a color week, and after watching the fun in years past, I decided to join in. Today is green, green, green, the favorite in this girl’s book. The photo above is our last bowl of winter greens picked just before cleaning out the beds yesterday. Well, we left the spinach, but everything else is kaput.

Are these green or blue? I don't know, but that's why I love them. French lentils, the perfect lentil if you ask me.

Nasturtium volunteer.

One of our first wedding gifts, from Aunt Kelli and Uncle Matt. We love it and them to the moon and back.

The compost pile, after cleaning almost everything out of the garden yesterday. I was really hanging onto this stuff because I wanted to be able to feed it to the chickens, but I really needed the garden back. So far the girls are just beginning to get interested in greens; at first they just tromped right over them and I was like “Honey, the kids are not eating their vegetables.” But yesterday I threw in some spinach and bok choy and lettuce thinnings and they ate about half of it. Anyway, suffice to say that when they are all grown up there will be a lot less green going into the compost bin, but for now there it is all gorgeous right before it heads back to dirt.

Happy Monday all. Stay tuned, tomorrow’s color is yellow.

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Rebecca said...

That avacado Le Creuset is my absolute favorite color ever!