Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Color Week: Yellow

Tuesday Tuesday! Freakin’ chilly here this morning. Mountain weather, I tell you, you just never know. They are still nattering about frost tonight.

I realized that with all the Chicken Excitement and Spring Garden Action, I haven’t said much about books or other fun stuff. So just in case you think I forgot how to read, I finally read this, because I was tired of saying that I hadn’t. Ugh. I get in trouble for saying mean things about books sometimes (note to authors: don’t vanity google if you can’t hang with the snarks) so I have chilled out in that department a little, but let’s just say that I nodded in agreement when I read the NYT review that described the writing as “serviceable.” To which I would add predictable. Also read this, which I definitely enjoyed even though it was not super detailed. He just visits a bunch of different kinds of farms all over the place. Man, note to self: fruit farming sounds hard. Very inspiring though. Film-wise, lately we are back to the classics, after several strikes in the new releases department. Strangers on a Train was this weekend, and oh man, that carousel scene is absolutely amazing. My favorite so far though, was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. So. Damn. Good.

Ok, on to the real matter at hand: lovely Leya’s Color Week continues, and today is yellow…tulip above from the front yard.

My plea for mulch resulted in this gorgeous bale of straw – the garden is so much brighter with this all tucked in the rows.

Some of you have seen this picture before, but I got to drive this truck last year at B’s birthday party and now I wish it was all mine!

Speaking of the man, here we are just before heading out to a wedding this weekend. I have to confess, I was extremely skeptical of this shirt when he tried it on. But when he puts it on I swear the cheer factor goes through the roof wherever we go and now I am all about the yellow shirt.

Tomorrow, pinks and reds…


leya said...

nice yellows, heather.
that truck IS the bees knees.

tomorrow is Orange, actually, but I'm no stickler.


Heather said...

Orange! Right! Orange!

judith said...

bro tom is designing blog so went to find yours to illustrate with & yayayayayayay. love new blogitude (especially enhanced legibility - a big geezer issue) & you & all you share. sinCERELY love that truck. woulda been your first present-er but got miffed at limited number of characters available to "enclose message." i know. quirkiness gets really unmanageable sometimes. ah well. thanks again & always for so much color & light & happy focus on things happy & worth focusing on.

Wendy said...

I love the yellow shirt!!

shelleycaskey said...

just discovering your blog thru 'color week'. love the yellow truck and the shirt!

queenbeehoney said...

What a GREAT photo of you and Ben! He is super handsome in that yellow shirt. Will Gran's napkin rings stuffed with colorful plaid be making an appearance in color week? I am dying to see the engraving!!

love love love