Sunday, April 27, 2008

From Zero to One Hundred

Yesterday morning I went out to cruise the garden with a cup of tea, and low and behold the damn leeks were up. I direct seeded two kinds about two weeks ago, and I say damn for a reason; after seeding them, I started hunting around for information about growing leeks from seed outside, and the news was not great. A lot of "not worth it" and "chancy" and "long germination time" and evidently you're supposed to put the seeds in the fridge first and oh, it was doom and gloom. So I panicked. And I ordered leek starts. It's true that we don't work this garden entirely out of a desire to save money, but it's certainly part of it, and I will confess that here and there when plonking down money for a truckload of mushroom compost or a wheelbarrow, I've thought to myself, "Think how much we'll save on produce!" And by this I mean leeks. This girl loves her some leeks, and blasted if they aren't expensive, especially in the winter. So the thought of not having any leeks to show after our first summer garden was too much to bear, and I sucked it up and bought $10 worth of starts. Which, despite the description indicating that it would be 60 starts, turns out to be about three times that many. They arrived yesterday afternoon, so at about 3:30 in the afternoon we were the proud owners of 40 leek seedlings already in the ground and 180 leek starts in a box. So, yeah, we have about 100 leeks out there now, and we're calling it quits there. The rest of the box will go to good homes down the street and across town.

The whole snafu did result in B. extending all three garden beds by another four feet though, which is pretty much better than Christmas to me because now I am pretty sure we can fit everything in, including the tomatillos and cukes and peppers and enough tomatoes to maybe do some canning, which I am even more eager to do after reading this article - I knew about the plastic bottles but had no clue about the cans. I really need to get my Gran or my Mum to teach me how to use my pressure cooker so that I can make beans that have evolved out of the rock family and into the digestible family.


queenbeehoney said...

oh oh oh, i wish i had some leek starts! why don't i live down the street??? on the bean thing, it's really more about soaking than cooking, though the cooking part is important too. i'm trying to remember which cookbook has the awesome section on bean cooking ~ i'll have to research that. but different beans require very different cooking times. they all want to be thoroughly cleaned and soaked overnight, some with seaweed.

Heather said...

Man, even when I soak my beans they still have the tiniest hard center. Plus I think it takes less time in the pressure cooker, no? Gran?