Thursday, April 10, 2008


August 2007

Hey hey out there from the land of the keep-meaning-to-post-keep-meaning-to-take-pictures… Summer has just been ON here, which means busy and damn hot. We have been working like mad to get our garden in – yeesh, what a lot of digging and sweating! We’re almost there though, and I think we’ll have a proper winter garden out there yet. Somewhere in there we threw a housewarming party, which was lovely: fiddles in the living room, folks spilling out into the yard, and the sweetest housewarming presents ever given - my favorites were a native azalea grown from seed (for reference: it’s now five years old and just barely a foot high) and a little window sill terrarium that we can peer into while doing dishes. Lovely friends we have aplenty. What else? Wild blueberries are on, and I found a secret secret spot for picking – the better-known places here are crawling with pickers this time of year, but not this place and it’s even a shorter drive. Blueberry pie here we come... Better yet, how about a galette? Coming soon.

Been reading 1984, hot on the heels of Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro...strange, strange sparse book. I found the last minute wrap up a bit unnecessary and all in all I can't really say that I *liked* it but it certainly threw you into an eerie twilight mood.

Anyway. Some photos for all of you who stop by. Summer vegetables are everywhere...we turned our basil plants into pesto and threw in some nasturtium blossoms for good measure...

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