Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Love Mail and Farm News

Heya hi. Can I just start this post by saying how much I love mail? And how lucky I am to get a lot of it? First, getting the wedding rsvps is a hoot. It’s kind of like an amateur psychology experiment – send the exact same thing out to 70 people you know with three lines for writing on and plenty of room for doodling and then peer in your mailbox for daily fun (so far only one brave couple has defaced (read: drawn saddles on) the chickens, and just for anyone else out there reading this who has yet to send theirs back: more!). Secondly, my sartorial friend forever just landed a box on my front porch with like six potential wedding day dresses. I was a tiny bit sad when I put them on in front of the hallway mirror that she wasn’t there to, you know, zip me up and tell me which ones made my butt look big, but a girl cannot help but enjoy twirling around in handpicked goodies. And then my sweet mama ordered these awesome books for us, in anticipation of the crew of lady chicks set to arrive here in less than a week:

We are now busy learning a lot of chicken trivia. Did you know that they don’t sweat? But that they breathe a lot, more than any other animal when size is accounted for? Or where chicken earlobes are located? Invite us over for dinner, there’s more where that came from! When we heard how long it was actually going to take for our chicks to arrive, we had to kind of chill on the chicken excitement. But with supposedly less than a week to go, we are back at it.

Lastly, true to threat, it really did frost last night. Let me just prepare you: there were casualties. Some appeared to be frost related, and others looked like they were smooshed by the frost blanket we put over the beds for protection – along with low temperatures it has been extremely windy, so the blankets did a fair amount of damage in its own windswept way. Anyway, we had real farmer friends over for dinner this weekend, and one of them told me that if you aren’t losing some crop to frost, you aren’t planting early enough. Well, we are set in that department. First, the troopers:

Forellenschluss, an Austrian heirloom lettuce with deep speckles. Fit as a fiddle this morning, how pretty, no?

Red Russian Kale. We are still eating our winter crop of this and I swear it is tougher than nails.

The Painted Lady Runner Beans. Oh girls, I am so sorry. You got all dressed up and lovely and then this. It’s all my fault, your beany selves were just so pretty I could not wait. I planted two rows of these in different spots, and one faired far worse than the other. I sadly pulled out the really bad looking row, and started to pull the second slightly better looking row and just couldn’t do it. I swear, my plant empathy is a serious disorder. So I replanted the first row with a new handful of beans and told the second row, in a really firm voice, “You have a week to recoup or it’s into the compost with you too.” I will keep you posted, I know you are all weeping right along with me. Here is a pretty amazing picture though – I could not believe how big the bean body had gotten down there in the dirt:

Ok. All for now, be well out there.


Sue said...

Hi Heather,
I came across your blog randomly, and just wanted to stop by to say hello. I loved your writing and your pictures!

I'll check back again sometime if that's ok with you.

queenbeehoney said...

I love Heater news! Your poor poor beans. And I can hardly wait to see the baby chicks!