Thursday, April 10, 2008

January Times

January 2008

Hello out there. Happy New Year to you. I hope everyone was warm and happy and with great people for their holidays; we certainly were. Some highlights, just a few of many, and in no particular order:

Apple crisp baked up at just the last moment from apples Uncle Shark brought us from Ohio. In a fit of inspiration I used half rum and half lemon juice for the liquid component and I might be making boozy crisps from here on.

Plowing through all the New Yorkers that had been breeding on the mail table and reading several books that didn’t suck.

Christmas goodies that just didn’t stop, including this skirt with both rickrack and a pompom fringe from B’s mom. My west coast girls sent me gift boxes that were over the top (seriously ladies, you spoil me!), I love Christmas mail so much I could pop!

New guitar strings, and playing tunes with B. and Johnny in the living room.

Picking and eating our first broccoli from the garden on December 31st. It was crisp and sweet and we toasted our winter garden along with a year that has been out of sight.

Snow in Maine. Snow in Maine. Snow in Maine. B. and I walked out into the night, into the middle of the street and didn’t meet a single car. The roads were covered, even the gaudiest of Christmas decorations looked lovely, and we stood over the ocean roaring blackly and just could not believe how beautiful it was.

Birthday breakfast of crepes with blueberry sauce. Also with Granny’s homemade Quince Butter, mighty fine indeed.

Nonstop flights. Oh. Yeah.

Birthday presents under the Christmas tree! I got spoiled all over again mere days after Christmas spoilage. Packages from all corners, new books from two uncles, cozy things from Gran, major sneakiness from B. God, I love a birthday sneak. That night we watched Ratatouille and after I finished sniffling and shouting, “Oh, I just *love* this movie!” I checked my voicemail and had not one, not two, but three messages each with various groups of my favorite people singing me Happy Birthday. Harmony and seriousness level varying widely. Thanks everyone, I loved my birthday and I love you too!

A snow day here in Asheville on my first day due back at the college. Asheville shut down under less than an inch of snow, but it was beautiful and cold as hell and I jumped on the bed and hollered like I was nine. Who is ever ready for Christmas break to end?

B. cooking new and uncharted things from Christmas Cookbooks. In my new Dutch Oven, which, truth: was not a Christmas present but rather something I bought back in November for a total steal and now love unapologetically and ferociously. Braising is where it’s at in our house right now.

Visiting the farm in Maine where B. and I are going to be married. Sweetness everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who hosted us and picked us up and fed us and made up a bed for us and hugged us coming and going. Much love.

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