Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kitchen Colors

January 2008

Hey out there, from the long end of January. Can you feel the days getting longer? I can.

Cold here. We have been braving the temperatures anyway though, bundled bike rides and icy hikes. It’s hard to get out at first but once we warm up and get a mouth of fresh air we are both glad.

I have been playing with clay here, which is more fun than I can say. Also full of disappointment (I have a plate breaking thing going on) and trial and error. My appreciation for all my favorite pieces of pottery increases daily. I find that it is filling the hole left by the Winter Garden (read: not much to do out there but peek and pick and occasionally tidy up). Where you’re busy but the mind can wander.

Reading a birthday book, The Baron in the Trees. Good stuff.

Eating soups and brussel sprouts, the latter best with bacon if you ask me.

Choosing seeds for spring.

Playing tunes with favorite friends, making homemade marshmallows for a chimenea christening party.

Getting mighty excited to head out west for Miss Rachel’s wedding. I get sqeaky just thinking about it. There will be cupcakes and streamers and dancing and punch and gosh, I just can’t wait to hug her up.

New colors from the house. We (er, meaning B.) have been painting. He has painted the bedroom and the kitchen and we love them both. B’s dad helped us with some kitchen lighting projects and now I have shelves and lights on switches and an overhead fixture that doesn’t make me cringe (thanks Tim!).

Keep warm out there.

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