Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Times...

November 2007

Happy Holidays out there everyone. I hope each of you got to be just where you wanted to be. Me, I’m enjoying a return to an academic calendar that has my library closed for good hunks of time when a proper holiday presents itself. After years of scraping for time off I feel like I’m getting away with something (which, well, I am, so don’t even ask me how much time I get off over Christmas).

How were the feasts out there? We had a splendid dinner at our house; wonderful company, delicious food, play in the park, tunes in the kitchen. The turkey fit into the oven, the neighbors had a potato masher to spare, and the guests brought splendid bottles of red wine, along with their own chairs and forks and enough sweet potatoes for a week. I love the part of a big meal when it’s not quite ready so everyone is milling around the kitchen drinking and helping and telling stories, people dodging opening ovens and refrigerators, talking over a sink full of greens and pans of gravy. I made my usual pumpkin pie in a gingersnap pecan crust and then I took a go at one of these which was very good but would, I think, be better with toasted rather than raw slivered almonds. The cranberry caramel combination is absolutely stunning though.

Anyway. I hope yours was as much fun as ours. A loving thanks to B’s mom for patiently supplying wise advice while simultaneously letting me puzzle over the fifty articles I read about brining and roasting turkeys. Likewise to my own mother who mailed me a large manila envelope filled with Turkey Information, including photocopies of notes she took from her mother some thirty years ago, how cute is that? My stuffing wasn’t as good as yours, mum, but I’ll keep trying.

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