Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Best Part of the Story

October 2007

Oh my gosh, when I wrote the post below about the stove I completely forgot the best part! So here goes: once the stove was live we all gathered around for the Lighting of Things. Keep in mind that we all were very aware of how old the stove is and how long it had been since anyone had used it. High suspense here people. So the pilot lights light up without any fuss. We cheer. Now just prior to the Lighting of Things, someone noticed that on the left side the knobs go Back-Front (left to right) and on the right side the knobs go Front-Back (left to right). How strange we all exclaimed! How quirky! So we begin lighting burners, and quickly it becomes apparent that the burners on the right are just not with the program. They don’t light off the pilot light and rarely off a match. Oh dear we say! What now? Oh drat! So we burn through some matches and we fill the kitchen with gas and we puzzle together. And then finally, B. sticks his ear down by the burners and pops up with “The knobs are backwards.” True enough, the knobs on the right front have been reversed, and once we figure this out the burners light without protest and we cheer some more and in general we are all quite pleased and relieved that what was broken is now fixed. And then. The cd player spits out Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire. I kid you not.

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