Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Again Home Again...

September 2007

Hello hello out there. Fresh in from a vacation up north, several days spent on Sebago Lake in Maine with B’s family. I can’t say here how beautiful it was. The weather alone was stunning – for the first few days it was that perfect temperature that is neither hot nor cold, a temperature that just invites you to be right in it whether you’re basking on a floating dock in the afternoon or curled up in just a towel under the dizzying night sky of stars. Sunday morning brought rain, but really that was fine too especially since all of our cabins and houses had huge fireplaces that otherwise would have been completely ignored what with all the swimming and sauna-ing and kayaking and whatnot. I’m a girl that grew up on rivers, but this vacation has got me hunting around here for a lake in our neck of the woods. In any event, we are rested and sun kissed and well fed and caught up on the stack of things we read; back to work and school and home we go…

Tunes on the front porch of a cabin. Not pictured: B’s aunt and cousin cutting a rug just to our left.

Flying back south I found myself wondering what we’d find in the garden. We left it in capable hands (thanks Riavo!) and all I can say is that we came home to plants that, well, that *looked* like themselves. Tiny little swiss chards, miniature leaves of red kale, spinach that has grown past those spindly seed leaves into proper looking spinach. Our little garden that we planted when we first moved in was itself full of ripe tomatoes and green beans, so we steamed the beans and tossed them in ume plum vinegar and grilled up some cheese and tomato sandwiches with arugula thinnings stuffed in just before eating. Lots of things remind me of Rachel, but grilled cheese sandwiches with arugula *really* reminds me of Rachel (I miss you Rae!). Now normally I am awful at thinning plants. I know that I’m supposed to do it so that everybody gets enough light and room and water but man, plucking those little sprouts out of the ground after they just went from being a little brown speck in my palm to a little lettuce tuft is sometimes just more than I can muster. Arugula though, it tastes like it should right out of the gates and by the time we got back from Maine the leaves were bite sized, so into the sandwiches the extras went.

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