Thursday, April 10, 2008

Up Up Up!

September 2007

Oh my goodness, try not to fall out of your chair with excitement, but things are already up in the garden! Our cover crop made an early appearance, which was pretty exciting, but as far as I can tell it’s a pretty inedible collection of things that are supposed to be good for your soil. Hairy vetch and ryegrass and clover and such. (“Dinner? Oh, just a salad of hairy vetch with a side of sautéed ryegrass and field peas…”)

But Friday morning up popped the arugula, and this morning the swiss chard and lettuces were making an appearance. I could hardly believe it. I mean, I really am the kind of girl who will go inspect the ground the morning after planting seeds. And the morning after that. And so on until I finally spot something and dance around in the yard and drag all available witnesses to the scene. But I’m so impatient that after a week of peering I’ll get a little worried and wonder aloud at the breakfast table if there might not be something wrong with those nasturtium seeds we picked up at the nursery. But after what seems like an eternity, just about when I've given up hope, up they'll finally come. So suffice to say that although I don’t act like it, I am accustomed to a rather long and tortuous wait. But not so this time lady – neat little rows of sweet bright green shoots, their order ruling out any possibility of weeds straightaway.

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