Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring, Springer, Springest

March 2008

Well friends, I made a serious tactical error this weekend. All I meant to get was bean and pea inoculant. Which I did get. Along with a huge delphinium, two columbine, a perennial bachelor button, an enormous mountain lupine… You get the drift. It was sunny and super warm and the garden store was just flush with gorgeous plants. So I splurged and then I spent Saturday planting and potting, only to check the weather Sunday night and see that we were in for two nights of 26 degree weather. Sorry little columbines! Fortunately, B. is unfailingly can-do about pretty much anything involving our world of flora, and my guy got out there and covered all my pots and the planter box with a frost blanket and our garden plastic (which I had just put away for the season, thank you very much). Word from the old farmer that lives next door to a friend is that this was the last cold push, here we come spring. Good thing because I spent Sunday seeding about a third of the garden.

Painted lady runner beans. Delphinium in the background.

Grape hyacinths, volunteering in the backyard.

Spring pink.

Blueberry buds. All five bushes are stretching their legs.

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