Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Watching Chick TV

Ahhhhhh! Holy crap, these chicks are hi-larious. Like side splitting, make your face sore kind of hilarious. The postmaster called me midday yesterday, a whole day earlier than we had any right to expect them, and my absolutely fantastic co-worker sent me out the door with a flap of her hand that very moment (love you Liza!), so these ladies were probably less than 24 hours in transit. I wandered through the main mail sorting facility for Western North Carolina (um, woah, I love places like that, hello conveyor belt) until I found Wayne, who disappeared somewhere and returned walking Very Slowly as if carrying either a Time Bomb or the Queen’s Jewels. Seriously, he was so gentle and careful with the box, I was so touched that between him and the sound of eight little peepers in this tiny white box, I very nearly cried right then and there. Man, were they peeping. You can right away tell the difference between an annoyed peep and a super duper freaked out peep, and I was relieved that it was mostly annoyed peeps coming from the box. We zoomed home and I sort of prepared myself for the worst before I opened the box – one, I have opened a cat carrier after flying a cat from the east coast to the west coast (you could not pay me to do that again) and two, the folks we bought our chicks from warn you that sometimes they don’t all make the journey. Yay for pleasant surprises. All eight of them looked great, and they were not pasted up, thank you very much. One by one I picked them up and gave them the once over, and plunked them down in the toasty chick box. I swear, right away they have personalities. There are two dopey ones – I watched one of them do an accidental summersault as it fell asleep – there is one that likes to suddenly rush from one side of the box to the other, there’s one who keeps pecking the side of the box; you get the idea. You can tell that they are already figuring out who gets to boss who around, pretty funny. They are oddly independent of one another for a while and then all of a sudden it is Time for Everyone to Have a Drink of Water. No way that this is funny to read, but trust me, super funny to watch.

I am reminded that chicks only get less cute, like a lot of animals I guess, so we are absolutely soaking up the cuteness while it lasts. I’ve met a lot of chickens that are very skittish, and I am hopeful that by spending a lot of time with the chicks they will be less so. Right now we are not handling them a lot because you can tell that it stresses them out and after such a big trip they need some recoup time. If we put our hands in really slowly, they’ll wander up and hop on for a ride.

In case anyone else out there is after some chicks, I’m just saying that the folks at My Pet Chicken are absolutely awesome. They are one of the few places that don’t have a 25 chick minimum, and their customer service is totally hands on and friendly. Plus they have this great chicken tool that helps you figure out what breeds will work for your climate and any other things you think you need, like hens that will get broody or blue eggs or whatever. All that AND their website reads like someone smart and funny wrote it, bonus! Anyway, we ordered five different kinds of chicks and we are pretty sure that we know who is who.

Umm, I have other things to say but right now we are All Chicks All the Time so it will have to wait.

The whole crew. That's a lot of chick butts there, I know. It feels a little weird to have them inside when it's so dang nice out, but with no Mama Hen to keep them warm we have to keep them cozy some other way. Soon though!


John Whistler said...

Well, my little chickadee, I guess this puts new twist into chicken soup.

Chirp, chirp,


queenbeehoney said...

Oh my gosh, they're SO CUTE. Little puffballs of feathers. Wouldn't Emily have fun with them? I'm sure you have them all named by now?

Heather said...

Ha, I know - I was searching for something about caring for baby chicks, and one of the top hits was something about stuffing baby chicks with asparagus! I nearly cried aloud! And no, they are not named yet. We had some pre-selected names ready to go, but it's been too fun to observe them and kind of get a sense of their little chicks selves first...

Alan said...

Did the post office call you when they arrived? Our post master called frantically at 7:30 am saying the chicks were there and asking us to PLEASE come get them. Apparently 50 chicks in a box can get a bit loud.

Enjoy them while they are cute. They turn into gangely teenagers in about two weeds.

leya said...

Yay! They arrived safe and cute. Can't wait to read more about them as they settle in. Have fun.