Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekends at Our House

Hey out there. Monday Monday. How were the weekends? See above for some of ours, my vantage point from behind the banjo, just after this breakfast:

Blueberry waffles with raspberry sauce and yogurt. Oh lordy. A yummy breakfast and morning tunes make for a happy girl.

Been reading this, almost finished but not nearly sure where it’s going even so. Watched this. Don’t laugh! B. had never seen it, and even though I am now 20 years older than I was the first time I saw it, it still rocks and you can’t tell me any different. Ben did point out that the film has a totally bizarre and extremely disorienting combination of oldies hits and really bad eighties tracks. It's literally "Hey Hey Baby" to "She's Like the Wind" in under 60 seconds. Woah.

Looks like we’re in for a dogwood winter around here after all. It can’t possibly be as bad as last year, when it came after a super early very warm spring, but I’m still worried about our blueberry bushes and the lilac buds and such. We got out the old frost blankets and covered the garden beds and some of the flowers that can’t be moved but a lot of stuff is just gonna have to grin and bear it. We were planning on picking off most of the blueberry blossoms anyway, and frankly I suck and pruning and thinning so maybe Jack Frost will just do the dirty deed for me. Anyhoo. I hope everyone has a fantastic week out there.

The delphinium now.

Baby bok choy and spinach.

One of the many bulbs that I cruelly planted in very sandy soil. I will dig you up and move you, I promise!


Here are the Painted Lady Runner Beans now.

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rachel said...

oh, like I would LAUGH at you watching DD! I only wish I had been there to bug the heck out of you both by misquoting all the lines. AV just LOVES it when I do that!