Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moving Time

Well, after years of blogging here I have finally moved the blog to its own home. Miss Rachel is going to be the sole Bees Knees gal starting soon so it seemed time. I moved a small amount of the old content over; mostly just the posts with pictures I couldn’t bear to delete. Some of the recipes didn’t have very good photos so they didn’t make it, but now that we have summer light I will again attempt to conquer Food Photography Without a Flash. Not for the faint of heart.

Anyhoo. Don’t anyone fret out there about Rae and me – we are still fast friends, but the two sides of the country thing just kind of got the best of us. Keep buying up her cute clothes, ok?

It’s been so beautiful in Asheville that we hardly know what to do with ourselves. So much is blooming and sweet smelling, I am a rubbernecker for big flowering trees, I hope I don’t smash anything before spring turns to summer. This morning I dug trenches and planted our leeks. I am direct seeding them and supposedly they are finicky, so wish me luck. I think I spend a small fortune on leeks every year, so I am really excited to grow them. We are almost out of room in the garden though! We have seeded almost the whole thing and still need to find room for peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I might have to give up on making pickles this year…

Above and below are some photos of our wedding invitations; I figure that by now they have gotten where they were going. It’s been so fun to get rsvps back in the mail. I love mail!


queenbeehoney said...

Oh Oh OH! Mummies don't like it when blogs move, but I'm sure I'll grow to love this one too. I adore the photo of you that Ben took ~ you look just like you did at 10. The Queenbee feels out of her element posting on a blog without knees. Bzzzzzt!

Laurie said...


We at My Pet Chicken think YOU (and your blog) rock rock rock!

All the best to you and your future husband! Happy Wedding; happy chicks!


Kate said...

Great invites -- I think I see a Grocco? I'll be marrying at some point (I'm "timelessly engaged") and would like to do something like this, or maybe just hire you. :) Love your blog -- it's always fun to find new people with the same old interests as me (veg gardening, printing, etc)!