Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Eats

My that lettuce looks tasty, no? We picked our first huge salad of the year on Thursday; everything is so tender and sweet right now. We also picked our entire baby bok choy crop last night for a huge veggie dinner, here's most of the harvest:

I have to say, I am into the veggies that holler: "Eat me right now 'cause I'm about to bolt and taste nasty!" It's true that sometimes I get a little hordy in the garden; picking things lightly so as to keep them around, not wanting to pull the beets up because I love their greens so, etc. But bok choy does not wait around, those gals were throwing up flower spikes in no time. So we ate them up and I planted a new kind of slow bolt lettuce in its spot. Next year I will definitely plant more bok choy, because it cooks waaaaaay down so you need a lot, and it gives up its spot in the garden in no time.

I am still so into feeding the chicks garden leftovers; they had their own little bok choy feast last night. They are growing, growing, growing. Soon they move out to the coop, which will be way more fun for everyone, as I think they are tired of The Box. We are taking them on adventures outside:

Thanks for all the bread advice out there. I will definitely try a bread with a normal rise time so that I can use my oven for a little heat. Stay tuned.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend out there.


Outer Banks Mom said...

I'm exactly the same about my veggies. It's so funny, I wanna harvest but yet I don't. :/ The chick pics are super cute!

Kate said...

My soon-to-be husband wants your husband's shirt ("I was such a Mighty Mouse fan.")

And I'm hordy, too. I didn't understand why people sowed and grew so much (like a whole packet of seeds!), but now I know why I will do the same next year: It's so picking a salad doesn't make me feel like I'm plucking a peacock, which will never ever be the same, and only has so much to give! How bitter-sweet and dramatic of me.

queenbeehoney said...

I'm so tired tonight, but your chick photos made me smile. Wish I were eating some of those beautiful greens!

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

Love your blog. I'm a first-time chicken mom (4 week olds, 10 of them). I found you through Dig this chick's blog. I'll be back to read more when I have more time. You're a great writer!