Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scooter Times

Ok, wow, I am a posting freak this week. So much excitement! How ‘bout those Painted Lady Runner Bean blossoms above? I knew they were going to be lookers, with a name like that, but even so. It’s all I can do to keep from smooching them myself.

Two asides before I get to the reason I am posting anything: one, if anyone anywhere is going to be doing anything having to do with making cheese, just remember that you can’t do it with ultra pasteurized milk. Cheese making is the new frontier over here kids, and one can waste a lot of milk before one’s girlfriend comes home and sweetly informs you that the ultra pasteurized milk is the reason your paneer is not going on. Right.

Also, I just installed this new thingy on this website and now I can see what Google searches lead people here. Woah. Fascinating. And scary. How ‘bout this: “Crops grown in the medieval times which aren't grown anymore.” Umm, gosh, I guess I wasn’t very much help on that one. Let’s try another. “Once avocado is put in fridge is it ok to eat it once sitting out?” Thanks for asking! I’m going to go with yes, you can go ahead and eat that dang avocado as long as there’s nothing green and blue and fuzzy on it! Here’s another awesome question: “Do bugs grow in wet laundry?” Well, I would submit a qualified yes on that one, dear reader! And my latest favorite: “How to plant poke weed close to your house, and eat it when you wont.” Wow! Hey! Don’t touch that poke weed! Seriously, don’t eat those shiny berries, even if you wont [sic] to. Woah.

Ok. Anyway. I am really here because I am super excited about our new scooter. B and I sold his car, which was a very nice old Jetta that never stranded anyone anywhere, but was not cheap to fix and not really very fuel efficient. We still have one car for picking stuff up and long trips, but our second set of wheels is now a scooter. Let me first break the bad news. It’s *not* this scooter:

I have to say that lusting after a Vespa was kind of a new experience for both of us. New big mechanical toys just do not exert much of a pull on me or B. I do see some old cars on the road that I would love to drive, but I don’t think I’d ever sign up for one for a myriad of reasons. My car is practical and cheap and I’ll say it: thoroughly ugly/dorky the way all newer inexpensive cars are. Whatever. But these Vespas. Oh man. We wanted one sooooo much. There was a powder blue one in the engine size that we were interested in, and every time we went to the store I’d sit on it and B would tell me how cute I looked. Torture. They are, in case you don’t already know, crazy expensive. But someday, I’m telling you, someday.

Anyway, the scooter we *could* afford will win no style contests, but she runs like a champ; you can hang with the traffic without taxing the engine, she gets over 80 mpg, and insuring her was practically free. I was totally unprepared for how much fun it was going to be to drive it. I do, every now and then, think, “Oh shit, I am going 45 miles an hour on this thing!” And so then I freak a little bit and slow down. I do that on my bike sometimes, going down really steep hills. But then you just quash that fear and ride on, so it goes. And just for the record, I have already ridden B around because I told him straightaway that I wasn’t always going to be the girl on the back. I do kind of get why the smaller person would be on the back though, since when you brake the bigger person nearly smooshes the smaller person off the seat, but hey, I’m scrappy and I can hang with that. Anyway, here’s our girlie:


Daphne said...

I'm with you. I so want a Vespa too.

dig this chick said...

Oh congrats on the scooter! That is cool and good on ya for your commitment to not always being the girl on the back!

And those blossoms are a sight for sure.

Mrs Be said...

Can't say I'm into scooters but totally get that it's a fun, cheap way to travel.

Think I'll have to get one of those gadgets that tells you how people landed on your blog, whatever that is. They sound fun.

Like the runner beans, mine have all been eaten by slugs. Pah.

rachel said...

I love the scooter! did you name it? scooters have to have a name, like ...well, i can't think of an appropriate name right now but i will email you a list soon. i just got acupuncture and he put some really stinky stuff on my back. i wish you were here to enjoy it with me! goes great with beer.

this was my word verification for leaving this comment: dlyesvag
doesn't that look kinda dirty?

Kate said...

Those Googles are hilarious. it might just be up to you to save people from their own dangerous whims. I read you're getting hitched right now -- congratulations!!! Enjoy the honeymoon!!!

judith said...

so what kinda scooter IS it?

Semen Rendi said...
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