Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Fuzz and Chicken Introduction

Baby peppers!

Oh my good lord people. Weeks of non-stop go around here pretty much smacked my ass down this weekend, so I am not even sure what the hell I did for the past few days. Lesse, I got my haircut and now rather than carrying around a 9000 pounds of hair I only have 4000 (not shorter, just thinner). We threw a party. I went to a house concert to hear my uncle’s band. I took a nap (I am a terrible napper, so this is very newsworthy, trust me). We moved the chicken coop so they would have fresh greens. I made this cake, which was so damn good that I got only two, yes you heard me, two bites of it. I am always way too in the running around mode at our parties to remember to eat my cakes. So we have a new party rule: cut Heather a Piece of Cake and Hide It for Later. It was B’s birthday and I was charged with making a pie that used our new fancy shmancy wedding KitchenAid mixer. I clearly took liberties with the request, because this cake is so not a pie, but when B. says pie he really means fruit and it was a big hit with my man. For those heading down this road: we both thought that the medium grind cornmeal was still too coarse. I would definitely go fine grind, I am not into the crunchy action. Everything else about it was perfect (oh, wait, I also added almost a teaspoon of nutmeg to the cake part because everything is better with nutmeg), especially the moment of truth where you whack your big cast iron pan upside down, wait five minutes and then reveal this glistening mass of baked cherries. Only *one* stuck to the pan, I was so tickled. I took a picture but it was too shiny and this cake really isn’t shiny.

Anyway. As you can see, I am still somewhat out of it. Can I also just mention that we are about to get married? It’s less than three weeks away, and we are both so unflapped that I feel like we’re forgetting something really, really big, like food, or what to say, or invitations to one side of the family or something. Oh well, if so we haven’t remembered it yet. It’s gonna be one fun party; all my favorite west coast babes are coming and all of our families and some really old friends. Whoohoo.

So, chicken introductions. As it turns out, chicken portraiture is kind of tricky with a crappy little camera. But since I sit out there for hours anyway, I just snap away and then delete most of them. Today’s featured chicky: Rhodie. Rhodie is actually an Ameraucana. But when they all arrived, we thought she was a Rhode Island Red, thus the name. Whoops! She is sooooo pretty – her feathers are an incredible steely blue color. I have no idea if this means that she’ll lay blue eggs, but she is a breed that lays colored eggs and thus they are called Easter Eggers sometimes. Rhodie was easily the craziest one right out of the box. At this point Gonzo has given her a run for her money in that department, but when they were babies Rhodie was the queen of rushing around like mad, smashing into things, pecking, poking, peering. And she hated being picked up. I could be upstairs with two doors closed and would hear her complaining if B. grabbed her. She is one of the four chickens who are making a play for Head Chicken; she is smaller than the other three contenders and so on one hand I am rooting for her because she’s scrappy but on the other I am not because I think she might be kind of a power tripper kind of Head Chicken whereas the other bigger chickens kind of seem like they might be benevolent rulers. God, did I just say all of that about my chickens? Umm, right. Ok, so there you go: Rhodie – one down, six to go.


Alan said...

We have an Ameraucana named suicide Chicken because she always escapes and spends most of her time playing chicken on the road. As a breed they seem to be much more high strung than some of the more traditional breeds. Their eggs are quite a hit with everyone though, so that makes the craziness worth it.

Kate said...

Nice set of barrels! I want five. HAve none yet. Am also slabbering over the peas, there -- don't know if the local gopher will let me grow ANY.

dig this chick said...

Guess I'll be leaving lots of comments today. Congrats on the impending marriage! Weddings are so fun. I had the *greatest* time at mine. And, funny you shoudl say you are so chill you feel like you are forgetting something like food because we did! We made all our food for 250 peeps and on the Friday night before when we were just hanging in our kitchen with all of our pals feeling happy and giddy when Andy said did you pick up the salmon and steak? Whoopsy. No. And the place was closing in like seven minutes so I cried but it all worked out because we begged the stores to stay open so we could haul ass all around town to get our protein....anyway, it was a kick in the pants.