Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a Day

Oh man people. What a day. I am having some Real World Reality Reentry issues. Yesterday: insane. I walked into my non-library job and my desk reared back and swallowed my head for about 9 hours. Not so much as a how-do-you-do. Then this morning our washing machine bit the dust. Then we realized that someone broke into our house and stole my laptop, which at first I was totally sunny and fine with ("They didn't steal our guitar! Or my favorite mug! Or my secret stash of fine dark chocolate or the bottle of spendy bourbon a professor at the college gave me for being a cheery librarian!") but then I started to remember all the music and writing and pictures on it and now I really am very sad, not to mention slightly creeped out.

And then. The garden. I hate to admit this, but I am kind of overwhelmed out there. I feel like I kind of lost my garden vision due to our long absence, and now we've got lettuce measuring in at just over four feet high, bolted spinach, and cucumbers coming out of our ears. Everything is growing differently than it did this winter; greens growing big and tough, beets bursting out of the ground, parsley screaming to be allowed to throw seed pods up to the sun. I will say that the insect community appears to be very well balanced out there, the tomato plants look amazing, the leeks grow strong, and those f-ing cucumbers taking up all the real estate on our counter are really, really amazing cucumbers. And, because I really am a lucky girl, the husband of a friend came over and fixed our washer. For free ("Happy Wedding," he hollered behind him as I chased him out waving my wallet). I know I will find my pace with the garden again as soon as I have a quiet morning to really spend out there. I just have not really thought about what to plant now, and there will actually be some space out there once I throw the Empire Buildings of Lettuce to the chickens. Feel free to help me out here folks - what do you plant in high summer? Also, has anyone tried making freezer pickles? I am not sure it is a good idea for me to can anything right now, as I am forgetful and spacey and I think this is how people accidentally poison their husbands and neighbors. But freezer pickles sound about like what I could handle right now. Please report in, all you canners lurking out there.

Anyway. Life is not all insane; I taught at the library today and it was one of the best classes I've had in a while. B made me pancakes for breakfast and our house sitter was the kind of rockstar house sitter who leaves you homemade raspberry jam in the fridge, which she will apologize for because it didn't set and you will smooch her for because it slides onto pancakes like bright fuschia gold. People will send you links to pictures from your wedding and you will see all your favorite faces again but they will be doing new things or talking to someone you didn't know they talked to and my, don't they look happy and doesn't my Gran look like a gem in her wedding hat and isn't my mother so beautiful and god, my friends are so gorgeous I can barely stand it, and look, look, look... All to say, enjoy that laptop out there thief, it's slow as molasses and I still have sand in my sandals from skipping down the beach.


Kate said...

LOve the last lines, that thief already regrets it. I hope your music turns up on a radio station and you get to prove to a national audience that it's you behind the mystery demo.

lhalleck said...

Hey there. I'm in the same go away for a bit and the veggie garden takes on this crazy alternate universe life. I left the most beautiful tomatoes I'd ever grown, lush squash vines, blackberries ripening...only to come back to tomatoes devastated by spider mites (due to my irrigation malfunctioning in my absense), to wilty squash vines, corn, tomatoes and blackberries ravaged by squirrels. Sigh. So, it's high summer and I too have some space to fill. I'm going for a second round of potatoes, a second planting of tomato plants. We can also seed Southern peas, winter squash, pumpkins right now. Stolen laptop eh? Wow. BUMMER. Leslie -

cake said...

this is a beautiful post.

i WISH my beets were bursting from the earth...guess the soil's not so good? or too much shade?

you are taking the stolen laptop better than i ever would.