Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things That Are Making Me Happy

1) It's Saturday morning, and we just finally made the perfect cup of coffee with our new french press.

2) This wedding present, given to us by an old friend of B's, who sewed it up himself. How cute are these two? Seriously. I have watched the handmade stuffed animal movement from afar with great appreciation, but this the first one that got to come home with us. Last night B was making them dance around and I very nearly fell off the bed laughing. Thanks Ian, we love them!

3) Watching one of our chickens (Gonzo, of course) eat a mosquito off of B's leg last night. How awesome is that? She just whisked it right off the very second it landed in for a bite of my man. She is still our little bug eating machine.

4) This wedding gift. The couple who drove 900 hours to our wedding and then played twin fiddles for our ceremony left us this card in our little cabin. Here's the kicker: it's just a painting of the gift. They are woodworkers and are going to make us a cabinet for our house. I think the painting is so lovely and such a gift itself.

5) This, written by my BFF, Rachel. You must all click on the link to see a picture of my Granny in her previously mentioned Wedding Hat. For folks new to here, Rachel and I used to do The Bees Knees together, but now she is a solo bee and everyone should buy the cute things she finds. She is also the source of my amazing wedding dress that I keep getting comments and emails about. I love her for a zillion reasons, but not having to shop for a wedding dress (gah, itch, noooooo, scratch) will always be one of them.

6) This wedding vase, made by the lovely Diana Fayt. Regular readers around here will know that I have a major thing for her pottery. Her work is an incredible intersection of art and function, clay and illustration. Plus her fascination with things that grow is right up my alley. B's mom suggested that we point people in her direction for wedding gifts and now we have an incredible collection of her bowls and this lovely vase. I am still turning each of the bowls over and over to discover all the details, and this vase, well, just makes my morning over breakfast and my evening over dinner.

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queenbeehoney said...

Oh. My. God. Those are sooooo cute. I want to play with them. Make them talk. Take them to dinner and order pasta. Have them hop over the dessert plate. Fun, fun, fun.

Caroline told me to tell you that you'll probably get your wedding present in a couple of years. Those presents could keep showing up your whole married life!