Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Living Room News

Hey out there. Folks, it’s raining outside. Anybody in our general neck of the woods can tell you how extremely newsworthy this is. It has been so dry here; the river that runs through Asheville is at its lowest point in 100 years and even the weeds are parched. B and I hiked up on the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend checking on the wild blueberries, and man, the berries this year are tiny little pips. Sad. Anyway, Fay blew some water our way and we are drinking it up. I emptied the rain barrels onto our own blueberries and fruit trees yesterday, and they are full up again. The chickens are cozy in the coop with just a few brave birds out in the rain now and then. I had planned to clean out the garden beds this morning and get them ready for the fall seeds, but working wet soil is a no-no so I just enjoyed our cozy house and the sound of the rain falling.

And speaking of enjoying our cozy house, I am not through showing off our wedding presents. I can’t believe what amazing gifts and cards and poems and handmade things B and I were given. As if all the amazing people in your life all arranging to be in the very same place at the very same time wasn’t enough, you know??

So. Remember when I told you about Dietlind and Kelly, my gorgeous girls from San Francisco who were our kitchen mavens? Oh my, how I love these two. Dietlind and I met over five years ago, at a Zuni Café employee party that we had both been dragged to by our respective partners at the time. Dietlind was sick, and I was just sick of Zuni parties, so we both arrived at the party fairly convinced that we’d rather be anywhere but there. But our significant others plunked us down in a corner together with glasses of wine, and we’ve been friends from that very moment on. We even had a sweet period of time when Dietlind lived above me and it was just like the movies where people holler up at the window about cookies coming out of the oven or people knock on your back door and tell you that they can’t possibly eat all the (fantastic) soup they just made so c’mon up while it’s hot. I still miss it. Anyway, that’s Dietlind. And then there’s Kelly, who is married to Dietlind and could not be a more perfect partner for her and she reminds me of all my uncles at once which coming from me is a really big compliment. She has talents coming out of her ears. Oh, you know all about trees? Classical guitar? Caring for bonsai? You paint? Umm, yes to all of the above. But it’s that last one that I am here to show you. Because Kelly painted us a wedding painting that will knock your socks off. Kelly paints in all kinds of different styles but I guess she heard me squeaking about enough of her mosaic style paintings to make the tough decision. My camera does not do this piece of art justice; when you sit in front of it you can see and feel how much work she put into it and the motion of the painting is hard to capture with my point and shoot. But, whatever, just look at this thing! Dietlind packed the sucker up (this is a BIG painting here people) and it arrived about a month ago and we are still in the stage where we sit together on the couch and marvel at all the different parts and colors and then we talk about how we really are going to have to paint the living room next because we are surely offending this amazing painting with our walls covered in test patches of paint. Soon, very soon. At which point our living room will officially be too amazing to handle.

Love you Diets, love you Kelly. Thanks for our painting.


Alan said...

Wow! Serendipity Rocks!!

Enjoy the rain. Wish we had some.

judith said...

that is SO beautiful!

there is a not necessarily accurate but potentially amazing portrait of a life that can be drawn from the gifts it inspires.

based on my research, yours is both lovely & accurate.

dig this chick said...

fab gift. Geez. It can just knock your socks off how generous and generally amazing friends can be.

Gorgeous painting. What color will your walls be? pumpkin? curry? I am feeling something fall like.

Also, I totally agree on the organic vs. non organic but local sitch with the peaches. Gotta weigh the options.

cake said...

that is an incredible painting. what a gift! what great friends.

i like the idea of "curry" for the walls too.