Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baths, Bok Choy, Ball Pitcher

Ok, since I was at work until 9 last night and up running around pickup up our car from the shop at 7 this morning, I don’t have much to report since my last rant. Except that when I got home last night B put me in the bathtub with nice smelling things and a glass of whiskey and the latest New Yorker and the best part is: he didn’t even read the post from yesterday. He just took one look at my tired little face and said, “I’m running you a bath.” Last night was also the first time I have had to drive the scooter in the rain at night. Give me a bicycle any day, I was terrified the whole time. Ok, maybe mostly just at the beginning.

Oh gosh, I do have news: this morning the baby bok choy is up too! I love fall gardening! Frost schmost!

And because I prefer posts with pictures, I leave you with a photo of the cutest little ball pitcher in the world, recently given to me by a friend who is an insane collector of all things Hall. She gave me this one because she had three others just like it, how crazy is that? Anyway, we hate our Britta pitcher but it is a necessary evil in our current situation (which is to say, too broke for any other water filtration options). I hate Brittas because they take up space on the counter but I really, really hate them because they’re so ugly. I have long argued that there is a fortune to be made for the person who designs an aesthetically pleasing filter/pitcher. A fortune. Anyway, for now we just kind of tuck the Britta in the corner and fill this guy up for general use and I permit myself to get a kick out of how cute it is every time I use it.

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queenbeehoney said...

That pitcher reminds me of those old colored Christmas lights! So beautiful. I've been researching water purifiers for you guys. And I love that Ben for taking care of my girl. Hugs for all. Hope your trip to Maine was your much-needed restful break. Hey, I've got loads of red peppers, and boy are they full of flavor since we've had very little rain.