Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pass It Out

Oh my goodness people, how does it get so busy??? The photo above is where we were over the holiday weekend: in West Virginia for the family reunion doing really important things like eating and swimming and playing wiffle ball and eating some more. It was so great, I freakin' love my family to the moon and back and the farm was so beautiful.

We got home Monday night and I feel like we got dropped into the middle of a marathon. B is back in school and work is crazy and I have yet to plant the fall garden and I have been trying to ride my bike to work which just means up earlier and home later and then I had a date to cook dinner with one of my friends which was really fun and then all of a sudden there's a pie contest at work and so pie had to be made last night at about 11. (I made this tart because I happened to have everything and it's pretty quick, but this time I used this crust recipe and although it was a total bear to roll out, I have always had a problem with shrinking tart shells and this one did not shrink one bit.) Then in all that craziness, I have an eye appointment super early this morning and after he numbs my eyes I passed out. Not all the way out, but just my usual trick of my vision graying out and getting all woozy and nauseous and my hearing diminishing until everything is a whine. This happens to me more than I care to admit, although it's gotten better the older I am, I still hate it so much, it is the worst feeling. Grrr. The doctor was very pleasant about it and I wobbled out the door bolstered by his verdict that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, but geez louise. I called B right away and immediately felt better. I am totally going to drag him with me if I ever have to go back to an eye doctor, which I sincerely hope will never be the case. When and if I need glasses I will follow in the proud family tradition of buying them at the drugstore, thank you very much.

Anyway. I have slowly been cleaning out the garden (pesto tonight!), and in the next few days I hope to get it all planted. This is a week later than last year, and I am really pushing it for things like broccoli, but I figure we mostly just eat the broccoli greens so who cares. I am always glad to see fall coming but this has been the sweetest summer of my life and part of me wouldn't mind if it just went on forever. On to cozy fall though, I am ready for cider and eggnog and winter squash soup.


rachel said...

oh heats! i'm so glad you went to the farm. did pat blow up a gas tank or is that just for 4th of july? we were in the mountains too. it was so lovely and quiet and cool. i wanted to move there right away, same as usual. i always want to move to anyplace that strikes my fancy.

we saw so many deer and a million cows.

AV loved his socks. he opened them and said, how'd they know my favorite colors are grey and orange. and they are! love you! rae

queenbeehoney said...

Oh my, clicking in to that photo of the farm brought the whole weekend back. We did have a barrel of fun, and thank goodness we didn't wimp out on the wiffle ball game this year. I've never heard of a doctor numbing an eye ~ do you mean dilation of the eye with drops. Numbing brings to mind giant needles! And why haven't you told me every single time you have felt like passing out? I'm your mum, for heavens sake. xoxo