Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Morning Fall

Geez people, what a week of news. Has everyone else been as plastered to it as I am? (Well, as plastered as I can be without a television.) I love elections and around here it’s especially exciting because I am hopeful that North Carolina might finally knock Elizabeth Dole off her lazy Senatorial butt. I did recently read a terrifying article about the potential for a Bradley Effect type of outcome in this election so now when I see polls with Obama way out front I am less psyched and more worried. I know there’s a lot of noise about polls shmolls and there’s got to be a margin of error in them that accounts for all the youngish folks who don’t have a landline and thus are not being polled. Anyway, are you all registered to vote? B and I have been making small donations to the races we care about, which makes me feel grown up and weird, give it a shot. And all this news about financial meltdown? It definitely freaks me out, but to be totally frank: it makes me grateful that we are a poor scrappy couple with not much to lose besides each other. I do feel sad for the folks who might have just seen their retirement slide down the drain, especially if they were getting close to their dreams of puttering away the days in their garden.

What the heck else? I am worried that we put the fall garden in too late; we’ve had pretty good germination but slow growth. It’s a much cooler fall this year for sure which is probably the bigger issue. Nice rain though, and the ambient green is a relief to the eyes after our parchy summer. Hey, has anyone dealt with major mushroom action in their garden after buying mushroom manure? (I was told that it’s the composted medium that mushrooms are grown in.) Makes sense, but this year when we turned one of our beds practically the entire layer just beneath the top was white and very dry and crumbly. And now that we have gotten some rain, HUGE mushrooms are pushing up all over the place and when I pull them up their roots are surrounded by the same white crumbliness. It has been kind of distressing, I will definitely not be using mushroom manure in the future which is too bad because I felt better about buying unknown vegetarian compost than I do about buying unknown mammal manure.

Anyway. Oh hey, Maine was great. Kind of rainy and fall like, although we did get one clear day for the requisite boating and swimming and man, saunas are awesome. What fun.

This weekend we are playing a gig with my favorite guitar player in the world and we are going to press apples somewhere out in Madison County and maybe we will even start building the raised bed I keep talking about. And make that curtain. And... And sleep in and make pancakes and take a nap.


rachel said...

umm... you're growing mushrooms. how awesome is that? shouldn't you be "stoked"?

judith said...

maine? more maine? maine back after wedding maine? i was just there for 2 weeks - got home yesterday - sunday.
i love my little low & inside part of maine - 4 loons on the lake this year stead o two. the locals & i think they are young-uns.
met a neighbor & his dog "Holly." So i heard and so i said. Next day i couldn't remember her name & he said "like the motorcycle." Ah.
hope y got my package. if not, please be advised there was a small one & let me know so's i can grieve its demise....