Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Harvest

Good grief people, we are windswept over here. Cold and windswept. The frost blankets and the hoops are up over the winter garden, the cracks in the chicken coop stuffed against the drafts, the floor of our house not to be stepped on in sock feet. You know it’s cold when you yelp as your bottom hits the toilet seat. Ahem.

Anyway. We had a dinner date yesterday and for once I wasn’t cooking! Dinners seem to mostly take place at our house, which is all fine and dandy but getting served up huge bowls of pumpkin coconut soup from someone else’s stovetop was a real treat (note: eating it made me want to try substituting coconut milk for the usual dairy in pumpkin pie). I offered up a salad, so in the middle of the windstorm I hopped around outside moving sheets of plastic and trying to keep my fingers from freezing, but damn, it’s all worth it when you tuck everything back up and in the warmth of the kitchen you take a look at the enormous bowl of greens you just picked. I will never get over how such tender lettuces can grow when the nights hover below 30 for weeks on end. Scrappy little lettuces.

I leave you with a photo of yesterday’s harvest. May you all keep warm and well.


tina said...

Looks delish. The cold is coming everywhere but I sympathize with your wind.

Susy said...

My lettuces are growing fantastically as well. They're not covered or anything.

queenbeehoney said...

That harvest is the bomb!

themanicgardener said...

Couldn't agree more, except that I much prefer doing my picking when the sun's still out and it's not too cold. Wait--your DAYS are around 30 degrees? Wow. Here in Montana, my corner of it anyway, it's been near 70, by day.

Anyway, I've nominated you for an award--stop by my blog and read all about it.

I noticed your comment on Dig this Chick's site earlier this week--you're getting quite a Montana connection!