Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Need This

If anyone ever tells you that they bought a bushel of apples and then mentions that they do not own a food mill or an apple peeler thingy, tell them they are insane and that for $20 this wicked snazzy apple peeler corer will keep them from completely losing it. With thanks to Nici for reminding me.

Bonus fun for those with chickens: watching them run around with three foot long apple peels!


Daphne said...

I love that gadget too. I don't own one myself. I have a friend that does. But when I need to peel a lot of apples it is fabulous.

Susy said...

I have a food mill, but I still peel mine the old fashined way. I'm not one for unitaskers that take up space, but maybe I'll look into one of these (as I just bought 2 bushels of apples to make some applesauce)

dig this chick said...

Yay for the apple peeler. The best part about mine? I scored it - brand new in box - at a garage sale for $1. Ah, as if that gizmo isn't satisfying enough?!

Today I am making apple sauce and not peeling them. The gorgeous macs are not super crunchy as they have been sitting in my house for over a week begging me to make something and I haven't and I really hate peeling older apples. Have you ever made sauce with peels?

Heather said...

Wowie, I love my peeler so much that I could have probably paid twice as much and still sigh about how great it is (we brought home another bushel this weekend, I am an apple maniac), but the price of $1 would sure make it even sweeter.

I have never made applesauce with peels...do you have a food mill? I think a lot of people leave the peels on for the color and then food mill them out... Lemme know how it goes!