Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Eating

Have you given me up as lost? Assumed that Dietlind and I had so much fun that I just expired from it all? You would be close, but I think I’m going to pull through. Let me start by saying: it is so nice to be visited here. In San Francisco, I got used to being visited. Who doesn’t want to stop in over there? But Asheville? What with its exorbitantly priced local airport necessitating a two hour drive from a larger airport after you just survived sitting on your ass in several tiny plane seats for hours? And given that most of my people are coming from places like San Francisco, truly folks: we have nothing to offer you here when it comes to eating out, seeing good films on the big screen, or soaking up a lot of eye candy. But we do have beautiful hiking, mountains stretching as far as the eye can see, trees with leaves that turn magnificent fall colors before falling to the ground and kicking up that amazing fall smell, some very entertaining chickens, some homegrown produce, and a kitchen ready to serve.

And oh my lord, did we eat. There were brownies and there was a cherry pie, both by request (this pie crust is it people, just give yourself time to chill it). Diets mentioned that she hadn’t gotten to eat much of our wedding food, since she was running around heating it up and everything, so first we cooked up the wedding pork (ground pork, lots of chopped garlic, sesame oil, soy, chopped ginger, ume vinegar, vietnamese caramel sauce) garnished with chopped scallions, served over rice, and placed next to a heaping pile of garden greens. Then, also by request, Dietlind made her famous chicken tortilla soup which is spicy and limey and served heaped with cotija and avocados and tortilla chips that get that just-so crunch when given a moment to swim in the soup. Then B made his legendary Spicy Delicious Chickpeas, the chickpeas of courtship – seriously, these guys join this recipe in the cheap and easy but terrifically flavorful department. And then there were blueberry waffles topped with maple syrup, yogurt, and warm homemade apple sauce. There was the making of pots of coffee, the mulling of apple cider, and the swilling of juices with breakfast. And lastly, there was a breakfast so totally inspired that I am not going to say one word about it here yet because I want to make it for Rachel and AV when they come visit in just a few weeks. I will say that it involves farm fresh eggs and piling things on top of each other and a serious amount of holy shit this is amazing kind of talk.

We hiked, we walked, we got a little crafty, we watched Paul Newman and Liza Minelli and we talked and talked and talked. It was grand and we are still eating leftovers. Love you Diets.


judith said...

i know yr claim to fame is food, but i am charmed by yr movie selection & wistful bout such a friend as would watch those particular two. yay for yous.

Zarah Maria said...

Nothing like having a far-flung friend visiting. Sounds like you had the best o' times.
(And on a PS-note, I actually think we stopped by Asheville when we were in the States... Do you have a lot of golf courses around?)

queenbeehoney said...

Hmmmmm...what a wonderful photo ~ was that Mr. Ben on the backside of that camera? The view, and Dietland's strong arm around you and I just know the look that was on your face so well.

Oh, we're going to have fun at Thanksgiving. After reading the gravy article you sent, I am desperately trying to find a small turkey to roast ahead of time. She says what I've said all along ~ the time to make gravy is beforehand, not when you're mad with carving and serving and directing all those helpers that have so lovingly landed in your kitchen! I like gravy, but I can't stand the high anxiety that accompanies the 11th hour crapshoot!

dig this chick said...

Great post about great friends. Nothing better than great friends.
Glad you had a smashing time. And I plan to make each recipe you talk about....that pork? If it weren't 10:46 and I hadn't been planning to be horizontal more than an hour ago I may be tempted to gather the ingredients now. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for the post!