Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Feels Good

Oh people. I am still awash in the moment, the moment when we hit refresh and saw that Ohio was sitting neatly in the pocket. We turned to each other, each of us adding up the safe treasure of west coast electoral votes and realized that this was it. Throughout the night we drank whiskey, ate popcorn, called people in Nevada to make sure they voted, ran around the house (literally), baked a cake, whooped on the phone with my parents and with friends on all coasts, and shed a few tears for the journey. When we went to bed North Carolina was still too close to call, and as I write this that is still true. I know we don’t need it anymore, but call me greedy: I want it. We did kick Elizabeth Dole to the curb, resoundingly, which feels pretty good. Looks like there’s the possibility that nasty old Prop 8 might have passed, along with two other anti gay marriage proposals (Florida and Arizona) – all three are huge blemishes on such a hopeful day.

Hope. A new feeling in this department. I’ll tell you: I am not accustomed to it. I sit comfortably with the folks who vote regularly for blue candidates even though they don’t come close to the core of our politics. And honestly, Obama is not the radical candidate that embodies that core. I know that. And yet. And yet I cast my vote for him with hope and trust and the genuine liking of him, and come what may: it feels great.

I loved this article. Make sure you get to the pie.

UPDATE 11/6/08: And we are now officially Obama country over here in North Carolina!!!!


Susy said...

I'm not as elated about this as most, but I'm more of a realist and a bit jaded by the whole political scene.

Will we all be able to come together, put aside our differences and still be working at it next year at this time? Sadly I have my doubts, only time will tell. It’s up to the American people, not the president, to make things better and we can start with our attitudes and work ethics. I however, think this won’t happen and things will remain the same. I hope American’s prove me wrong and this is the boost they needed to make a change for the better individually.

I think we'll still be blaming others for our problems and not facing the reality that we make our own destiny. Some will have trouble respecting our new president because he doesn't promote their beliefs (just as so many have over the last 8 years have done). When we've lost respect and consideration for each other, even a great moment like this will be darkened by the fundamental flaws of human nature that many people cannot overcome.

Katie said...

I think last night was one of the defining moments of our generation. Call me sentimental, naive, or brainwashed if you will. While I understand the road will be long and hard, I am finally glad to have a statesman to lead us rather than a politician.

I have never been as proud to be an American as I am today.

Hope is certainly a new feeling for me as well.

queenbeehoney said...

Well, I'm 53, and I'm elated and hopeful and ready to make whatever sacrifices necessary to save the planet and restore some measure of economic justice and sanity.

Maybe I feel this way because Obama's slow smile reminds me of my deceased Brother Jeffery. Maybe it's how serious and humble the man is. Maybe it's because everyone around him seems to want to make a difference.

I do believe this moment in time is special, I do believe that a wise, humble charismatic leader can make all the difference. My husband, who has been a leader in business all his life, has always said, "If the head of the fish stinks, the whole fish stinks." Well, the head of the fish doesn't stink anymore. Now there's a chance for the rest of us to rise to the occasion and be part of creating a movement the recognizes and honors the common good.

I am utterly completely hopeful.

rachel said...

I was just coming over to say, nice going NC! We were getting a touch nervous about visiting a RED state for the Holidays. Whew!

Um, can I add that my "word verification" for this comment is "thongi."

Heather, could you please hand me that thongi? I swear it's clean...

leya said...

Yay for NC! Nice goin'.
And bye bye Liddy Dole...I'm pleased as punch about that one.

In addition to feeling pleased, I feel hopeful, and after 8 years of feeling bummed and embarrassed, it feels fantastic.

cake said...

your post covers a lot of how i felt, and feel. indiana was late to call too, and we are also a red state turned to blue (hey, i made a rhyme!).

it is such a strange feeling to like the guy who is going to be the president. i've never really felt that way before. i probably shouldn't trust it, but i do anyway. at least for now.

dig this chick said...

dang if only my montana had gone blue...