Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pie Preparation

Mmm... Butternut squash just before heading into the oven for roasting. I have always been a butternut squash pie girl. From my mama, I think. In fact, I haven’t laid my hands on a pumpkin since the last time I carved one, probably decades ago. Anyway, there was much roasting this morning, along with the making of several pie crusts. We are headed north for the eating, which I am very excited about because my mother makes the best stuffing you have ever put in your mouth. I tried to give her a run for her money last year and didn’t even come close. Eat well out there.


John Whistler said...

Seeing your squash makes me very excited, like a kid anticipating Christmas.

rachel said...

hmm, i'll consider that. maybe i can add squash pie to my list of heater foods to make on our visit. well, along with popcorn made with bacon fat and brownies and chickpeas and... happy thanksgiving to the harveys and the stewarts and the whistlers (alphabetical order, of course) from the ericsen (i know, i will) and the villanueva.

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queenbeehoney said...

Oh the pies! They were both to die for. The pumpkin had ginger bits and a very light flavor, and the cherry pie was divine ~ buttery flaky crust and the bestest cherries ever. John actually finished the last little morsel this morning. Thank you for all the great food and all the help in making it come together for the fam. I know the old folks enjoyed themselves.

rachel said...

popping over to say hi because I just googled "chicken tractor."

i don't know what brought this on but it's quite late and I was cramming for our visit, i guess. any other urban farming jargon i should look up before we get there? i wanna be prepared so AV will let me get a chicken too.

hee hee.