Monday, November 24, 2008

Popcorn & Pies

Oooph, busy weekend around here. Looking forward to the holiday break. What’s everyone baking out there? I do love a holiday that requires a pie.

Last night I remembered that I forgot to tell you that popcorn popped in bacon grease is the bomb. I would like to feed it to someone unsuspecting to see if they would guess; it’s not as bacon-y as you might imagine, just gooooood in that piggy sort of way. Important Monday tip, ahem.


judith said...

whoa. i have a lil bit o pig fat lurking but in general hardly at all since the girl left but i LOVES me some popcorn specially since i got a whirlypop. SO. this is very cool since one of the reasons i sorta avoid bacon is not knowing what to do with drippings. big yay.

Susy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine popped in ghee. Sometimes we even sprinkel a little sugar on it to make kettle corn.

dig this chick said...

huh. That is totally amazing to me. I never would have attempted this method to the popcorn. Thanks for blowing my mind!