Friday, November 7, 2008

Bok Choy Butts

Well, I gotta say. Winning elections sure makes the week go fast. Anyone else out there having a hard time getting out of the habit of obsessively reading several million tabs worth of political news? Righty-o, I will just stave off withdrawal with a little moderate following of the cabinet posts and demographic breakdowns of the election and...

We are having the most stunning weather this week. Seriously unbelievably beautiful. Everything that turns a color has gone for it, and the mountains are mostly deep red and yellow, so much yellow. The garden is loving the warm days and cool nights, and here are some bok choy butts to prove it:

Chez H & B does seem to be having a string of hardware malfunctions though, including my precious food processor and my camera. Grrr. The camera wants to be a videocamera at all times. Sorry buddy, you are a $99 point and shoot, so quit with the puffery. I have long held dreams of a new camera that will take attractive flash-free pictures of food, but the checkbook doesn't like to have its hand forced, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of food, a few days ago I made a leek, chard, and sweet potato galette that totally rocked the house off of its very foundation. I used this crust recipe, which is the easiest and best savory crust I have ever tried (remind me of this when I go crust hunting again, please), and then I just sautéed the leeks in butter with lots of salt and pepper, added the chard at the last minute, lined the bottom of the galette with rounds of sweet potatoes baked this way, threw some grated gruyere over the whole mess, and oh lord. Seriously, I thought my husband was going to pass out from the sheer deliciousness. Go there. Here is a picture of the prep work, the galette didn't have a fighting chance at the spotlight:

Ok, so is it annoying when I post the searches that lead here? Too bad, I think it's hilarious. Starting with the pressing questions:

Do carrots grow better when watered with carrot juice? Umm. I just don't understand this question. Wouldn't juicing up carrots and pouring the juice on the ones you are growing sort of cancel your end carrot gain? Er. Maybe you water the juice down? Get back to me, mysterious visitor, I know you're out there and you'll be back because I bet you still don't have an answer and the next time you google for it I'll be there...

What is an orange round miniature thing which you can eat and cook?
You can eat your cat. If it's small, the big orange ones are tough.

Can squirrels eat cinnamon?
Another gardener plagued by squirrels? Hard to say, perhaps just a squirrel lover wanting to make some cinnamon buns for the crew.

Is it true that sesame seeds make your boobs grow? Yes, absolutely, but only if you grind them up and snort them.

Now for the demanding ones:

Eat my boobs. Righty-o.

Photos of dashing smart handsome men models in underwears. Plural. Not just one underwear here. I am sorry this website was such a bust on that request, I will really have to talk to B about that.

List of things you should eat to make your boobs grow.
Goodnight, this joins the eating of boobs and the sesame boobs and several hundred other boob related searches, largely related to getting a bigger rack. If these people could see my modest boobs they would realize I have no secrets in this department.

That's probably enough for now, but don't worry: there's always more. Involving gopher fuzz, and the man with the biggest pea ever!

Last exciting piece of news: this time next week one of my bffs, Dietlind, will be here! I am so excited I could just pop! Eeeeee!


queenbeehoney said...

Oh Heater, you have a bad habbitt of making me laugh.

(My word verification is "habbitt".)

Katie said...

1) Bok choy butts. I wish my bok choy was that big!
2) The recipe looks delish. I can't wait for our leeks.
3) Keep the search terms coming - they are killer funny!

cake said...

your bok choy and lettuce plants are so beautiful! wow.

i have made a galette with mostly leeks, and then some goat cheese on top(before you fold the crust edges over). i felt like i was floating on a cloud when i took the first bite. i can imagine yours being that wonderful too, and i am interested to try your savory crust.

themanicgardener said...

The searches are too much. My searches are boring, my bok choy stringy. Do you suppose there's a connection?

Seriously, what do the little buggers want? Mind never get the nice sort of bulb at the base, no matter where or when I plant them. What's the secret?

Heather said...

Hmm, the only thing that might be different about our bok choy is that it is baby bok choy. I think it's quicker to be ready for eating and generally more tender.

And Kayte, I should mention that I always use a food processor for crusts, so I don't know if this one comes together easily by hand...

Ottawa Gardener said...

Can't say that I have anything to say about your boobs, but your bok choys sure look nice.

dig this chick said...

I too feel like I have these relieving time on my hands from not obsessing over and reading about the election. yay. Thanks for your election story. Loved it.

I am jealous of how things are growing there! wow. I am sitting here listening to the cold rain pour on my house. Gotta get the garlic in this weekend.

Lastly (holy boring comment, sorry), your boob searches are hilarious. why? did you figure it out?

Heather said...

Hmm, I can't get the link to fit in this comment box, but I posted a rant one time about people only using the boob parts of the chicken (related to a recipe for jocon), so I think that's where the boob thing comes from. Then, of course, the ladies want to know what they can * eat* to grow bigger boobs, and there I am. So funny, if a little troubling...

Zarah Maria said...

I'm loving the searches - hilarious! Mine are so boring: sweet chili sauce. Eh.
And I'm loving your blog, I'm so happy you stopped by mine so I "found" you. Have bookmarked each and everyone of your bean recipes - just you wait! Oh - and I want your chickens. Or maybe just my own chickens. You know what I mean! :)

spudchick said...

I ended up here on the "can squirrels eat cinnamon" question, and I'm glad I did... jealous of your bok, never got my fall garden in this year! Don't know what the original cinnamon-squirrel googler was looking for, but I have an old jar of cinnamon raisin peanut butter I was thinking of making into wildlife cakes & didn't want to accidentally poison the little rascals. Gorgeous galette recipe!

cake said...

i always use a food processor for crusts too.