Monday, December 22, 2008

More Peppermints

Shiver, shiver, shiver. We have traded a high of 67 for a high of 20, which seems generous considering that it's midday and currently 11 degrees. Bring on the tea! The cider! The chicory! Christ.

B and I drove north a few days ago to do some early Christmasing with my family and we are still here lounging about and reading and playing some wicked tunes on my step-dad's 1905 Gibson guitar. Holy hell did I ever just fall in love with that guitar. ANYWAY. Visiting my parents is so relaxing. I made meatballs and we watched the Wizard of Oz, which I have not seen in about 15 years and I was duly blown away by its magnificence. The witch still scares me, it's so delicious.

Before we left our rockstar chicken sitter came over, who happens to be in culinary school so of course we pretty much get together and talk about, make, and eat food. Last time we made some sort of dish involving paper thin slices of eggplant stuffed with a variety of delicious things like feta and ricotta and nuts and garlic. This time we made Peppermint Bark - I know, it involves white chocolate which is normally something I avoid at all costs, but we got the good stuff and it really does play nice here. It made sweet tins of gifty goodness. We also made a fabulous savory snack of roasted chickpeas with pistachios and all sorts of spices which I will post soon because it's a nice change from all the sweets this time of year.

Anyway. I hope everyone is very warm and snug out there. Don't forget your hat.


Susy said...

It's super cold here in Ohio as well. Last night coming home from our family gathering the car said 2 and the windchill was in the negative double digits - BRRRRRR

Trailing Mira said...

seriously.... you gotta post the pistachio and chickpea recipe (after the holidays calm down of course). It sounds DELISH. yumm.

Merry Christmas to your home!

queenbeehoney said...

Ha! The meatballs were out of this world ~ I'm still thinking of them. And the Wizard of Oz really did rock. (We watched Robin Hood the next night, and it just didn't stack up.) I'm still recovering from Peppermint Bark ~ will the sugar parade never end? (Gonz came over here with HIS leftover Christmas sugar today ~ various horrible things and homemade bourbon balls, which rocked.)

Merry Christmas to my Newlyweds on this first Christmas! Your phone call this morning sounded full of giggly happiness.