Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Girl

Well goodness. Sometimes so much has happened since we last talked. The year has turned. Friends have come and gone. I started a new job. I had a birthday.

Too much for much of a story in my busy days right now, but suffice to say that it was grand and delicious and warm and cozy. Here are a few pictures for show.

Benjamin made short ribs for our new year meal. They were scrumptious that night, and possibly even better the next night when shredded into tacos. The big raw beefiness was a little scary for this veggie kiddo, but my plate was clean at the end of both meals.

Steamed carrots for my Gran's most special Carrot Orange cookies.

The batter for the same. Someday when we know each other better I will give you the recipe. I swear.

Clever clues for my most fabulous birthday treasure hunt. I love birthday sneakiness.

Two of the three sneaks, and how lovely to have them here. Safe home you two, thank you for coming all this way.


judith said...

i love your pictures so much. i imagine i am seeing HOW you saw the thing & wanted us to understand. they just thrill me. i feel this way each&every&allatime but it was the carrot picture wrang out this declaration.

judith said...

oh and for goodness sake HAPPY BDAY late & heartfelt.

Zarah Maria said...

Oh happy belated! And happy 2009! And happy, happy, happy, just because you are!:)

dig this chick said...

Happy birthday, deal blog pal. Kiss from Montana.

Anonymous said...

So if you are going to tempt us with the photo of the carrot-orange cookie batter, you owe us the recipe!

dig this chick said...

supposed to say dear blog pal. what's the deal with that yo? (sorry for the typo)

machinelf said...

Happy Belated Birthday!