Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catch Up

Well people, I guess we are witnessing how much of this blog was put together at work. Because this new job? Pretty busy, and what time I do I have I've been spending outside finding trails to walk and stopping in to chat with the cows and the pigs. Man baby pigs are so freakin' cute. Gah.

I am lame on the picture front but I just realized that I had my camera in my bag and I am wearing my most swanky birthday sweater from this gal. Pretty swanky, no?

I did nothing but sew curtains this weekend. I approach sewing the way I imagine boozers approach their benders: completely hell-bent and sort of distantly aware that it's not particularly good for me. But B requested that these go unlined, so they were a breeze compared to the bedroom. They are LOUD. Like bright mustard or gold with huge flowers. Every once in a while I look at them and think "Oh God!" but mostly I love them. Really the best thing about the living room is that we finally hung up our instruments. Prior to doing this we had instrument cases coming out of our ears. Multiple banjo cases, multiple fiddle cases, a big old guitar case. So annoying - if they were tucked away it was a pain in the ass to just sit down and plonk out a few tunes when there was a spare minute to kill but if everything was out and open there was cussing when you inevitably couldn't get a door open or travel to the bathroom and come back with your toes still attached. Plus our instruments are beautiful. Especially my banjo, it is such a looker. So that is all very exciting.

In garden news, the seeds for next year have been ordered! I abandoned my favorite seed shop, Johnny's, because they finally pushed this frugal girl over the edge with their sky high prices and outlandish shipping charges. Their seeds really do rock - I had a far more mixed experience with Baker Creek last year - but we are scrappy and I really wanted to try some new stuff without laying out $5 a pack. So we cast our hand with a different shop that a friend had a good experience with last year. I also kind of appreciate the smaller number of choices - the Baker Creek catalog this year nearly gave me a heart attack.

In food news, I am a broken record, but this bread book absolutely rocks so hard. We have not purchased bread in about a month and I, the bread slayer, have baked up several loaves without disaster. It also makes me feel warmly toward my KitchenAid again after growing peeved with how it left a bunch of unmixed butter at the bottom of my last cake batter.

Also, we made a pot roast. This, no surprise, is one of those things that I've never eaten before and for the most part had only a vague idea of what it was or how it worked. Well I'll tell you: what it is is delicious and how it works is so easy that you could be asleep when you made it. I don't know if all pot roasts turn out like this, but the meat was very, er, dense, none of this soft fatty business. Kind of the way duck confit takes regular old duck meat and gives you back something hardened and rich. Bad explanation, and I am pretty sure that this is one of those things that everyone but hippie kids ate during their childhood so you are all probably asleep. But man, so good. And then we made hash the next day with our eggs and fresh greens and lord, all was well. Anyway, we followed the first recipe in this awesome cookbook and we'll do it again I'm sure.

And that is the news for now.


dig this chick said...

yay. I was missing you, friend.

I approach sewing the way I imagine boozers approach their benders: completely hell-bent and sort of distantly aware that it's not particularly good for me. love that collection of words. And, oh boy, I can so relate.

I also adore thinking of you and your B with all of your stringed beauties hanging about your living space. I adore that visual.

Michelle said...

I can't believe you've just had your first encounter with pot roast. It's usually the other way around, first pot roast, then duck confit. Both to die for!

rachel said...

yay for the bread book!!

i've been meaning to get b's take on cooking with steam. i finally read that part and made a loaf that was "awesome."

the only wrinkle was i forgot a half a tablespoon was 1 1/2 tsp and dumped in 2 so it was a touch salty.

next batch is already in the fridge in a couple brown cow yogurt containers. reminds me of you every time i take a peek in our mostly condiment filled fridge.

cake said...

i love the sewing quote too. i take on most projects that way...the ones that involve making things with materials of all sorts.

i don't want to know that there is another incredible bread book out there! i am deeply absorbed in peter reinhart's _whole grain breads_
trying to get a tasty artisan loaf, without using refined flour...

Sarah N. said...

I also adore the Artisan Bread book. I've been making loaves from it for the last several months and almost all have turned out great. And I so understand about getting sucked into the sewing vortex.