Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Color Week: Blue

Well hello, you. How were the weekends out there? We two hermits had a weekend of Getting Out of the House. Last week B moved almost the entire living room into every available nook and cranny and got down to some serious painting business, making for an exciting if slightly chaotic and fume filled house, so out we go. Truly we are lucky to have such fabulous friends (who play games!) and music to greet us when we get the itch.

I have foods for you, but the painting put everything in a box or a stack or a closet or under the bed, so soon I swear. Until then, it's color week, hosted by the lovely Leya. Today is blue, and here are mine.

A Sunday staple around here. Nothing spells cozy like a hot beverage and a fresh puzzle. I get antsy and squeaky every time.

My bedside table: salvaged chair from a corner in San Francisco and a vintage tray...

There is so much music that comes out of this shabby fiddle case, my man is one talented musician. Romantic trivia: our first kiss was executed over a banjo and a fiddle, after playing our first four breathless tunes together in my living room. The best.


dig this chick said...

shut up that was your first kiss. amazing.

Chrissy said...

lovely photos, lovelier first kiss! thanks for sharing.

cake said...

terribly romantic.