Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Color Week: Late on the Stripes

So Friday was supposed stripes and plaids, but the dish just sort of ran away with the spoon and something had to give. So my stripes are late and I forgot about plaids entirely, but I think it will all be ok.

How were the weekends out there? Looking back on mine, there wasn't any real reason that it was crazy, but it felt a little crazy anyway. Realizing that the new job does not in any way put me in the neighborhood of our preferred grocery store, along with the realization that I am going to get home later than I used to, along with days lately where B would probably freeze permanently to the scooter if he ventured out on it resulted in our doing something this weekend that I kind of thought I would never be into: figuring out all our food for the week and going to the store once on Saturday. Insane, I know. I mostly wanted to do it because I love spending Sunday cooking at a very mellow and relaxed pace, and together we can easily roll out a huge pan of lasagna (with leeks, mushrooms, kale, spinach, garlic, yum), roasted beets and sweet potatoes for lunches, a sort of cream cheese garlic herb spread to go with the roasted veggies on a rye bread sandwich, a pie crust for quiche later in the week, and the aforementioned loaf of bread for the week. Plus now I will no longer look at the clock, realize that I need to get the hell out of the library or my husband will think I have gone missing, and then remember that we have no idea what we're eating for dinner. So far it's all good, but we'll see how long we last.

I know, it's so exciting you are all on the very edge of your chairs. Sorry to get your heart rate up on a Monday morning. Ahem.


rachel said...

stripey socks, my favorite!

queenbeehoney said...

Ooooo... I love the stripey leaves. So pretty. What is that lovely plant? On my day off, I managed to bungle the bread, burn the chicken, and ran out of time for the pie, pieces and parts of which are still in the frig. Sigh. My planets are still not lining up and I'm mad about it. But I did have a great chat with the Gran about making yogurt. The boys have all flown away, so she was lounging in bed and feeling very free and giddy. We've made a pact to run away somewhere warm before she dies.

judith said...

hey honey long time no you here. hope lovely job is not tiring lovely girlie. love you.