Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Color Week: Purple

Oh my goodness, I am crazy busy at the new job. I haven't had my head eaten up by work in a long, long time, and although I know I will have to work on not being a stress case, this girl thrives on busy and she is happy.

But it does mean that I have not had very much daylight time to notice color, so here are the purples as I found them. Purple is Not My Thing, and in fact I had to get the seed catalog open to find any in my own house. The shoes are on a real human and they remind me of a cross between something my mother would wear and something my Jude would wear. Crazy.


queenbeehoney said...

Actually, they look like something Gramp would wear, but thank you for the compliment just the same. The other day I asked Gramp whatever happened to his purple suede shoes, and he sadly told me (with a little shake of the head) that he had worn them out. If I could find some like these, I'd buy them for him. He'd be the rockin' fashionista of his assisted living facility!

judith said...

um. yes i own purple (yes, suede) dancing boots. yes i own ugly-but-buick-grade-comfortable jazz shoes.

But yar, methinks only Gramp would wear their love child. And yay for that.

Heather said...

Well I never said you two would actually WEAR these beasts...but they are a love child between purple suede boots and leopard clogs, you know it's true.



queenbeehoney said...

Oooooo....purple leopard clogs. I am slathering with lust.

maureen said...

I love the odd sock look, It says stuff it to the rules !
By the way a friend of mine who lives in Dublin (Ireland where else !) plays the banjo, lovely instrument !