Monday, February 23, 2009

The Annual Show

So I know I put these up every year but the blog before this doesn't live anywhere and besides, I get excited about it each time and why shouldn't you? My houseplants do this amazingly sweet thing every year, just about the time when I start to glare at the calendar and the garden thermometer and wonder when the hell it's going to get warm and stay warm, just about the time when the winter ants in my pants are really going nuts. Which is to say February.

They bloom.

Like clockwork.

The orchids, the crown of thorns, the red clover, and the plant given to me by the sweet nurse who cared for my old boyfriend's grandmother. Makes me happy, makes me believe that they days are getting longer, and above all reassures me that spring is springing out there even if I did freeze my ass of this morning.

May they calm any winter ants in your pants out there.


Gardeness said...

Very cool plants and pics. I'd never tire of those either.

dig this chick said...

Oh how lovely. Funny I have a really hard time with'd think my green thumb would also work indoors but not so much. Thanks for the perk up.

queenbeehoney said...

So grateful for the lovely photos...Barbie wants a cutting of that incredible orange blossom plant for her birthday. Brought back memories of you hovering over your "babies" after their long cross-country trip.

cake said...

you say it like it "just happens." obviously, you have the green thumb, indoors, and out. you, and your house plants, are very lucky. we just keep a no-fail amaryllis around, to remind us of what is to come. soon.