Monday, February 16, 2009


Happy belated Valentine's Day out there. This cranes above were what I gave to B on our first Valentine's Day ever. I left them in a box outside his door with, oh yes, a haiku about god knows what. (Really, as it turns out, the limerick is my real talent. Sometimes on long road trips, B and I play the Dirty Limerick game and I always win - I can think of something dirty to rhyme with anything! What, you don't know that game???? Jeez.)

Anyway. It was a quiet weekend at our house, except for me sniffling as I recovered from a head cold that finally made me understand what all the fuss about head colds is all about. Flipping miserable. Next time I will buy sleeping drugs much sooner, oh yes I will. B cooked fabulous things and went out and bought us a book of crossword puzzles, officially making us total nerds and possibly introducing something that could interfere with our social life and the proper amount of sleep. Ahem.

Anyway again. May everyone at some point be as madly, completely, outrageously in love as I am.


judith said...

"May everyone at some point be as madly, completely, outrageously in love as I am."

for them of us as ain't, your situation, far from stirring bits of wistful & sad, is an authentic and cheering tale. said...

i know that mature love is beautiful, but i have to say, given the choice, i'd have to choose the earth-rocking euophoria of new love.

queenbeehoney said...

Zaaa....what a great Valentine's gift for your first married Cupid's Day! You are the craftiest little booger ever. And of course brought to mind all the beautiful tables at your wedding.

dig this chick said...

love love
new love
mature love
I think it just gets better. Now onto crosswords and you realize there is always more to discover together...that's good stuff.