Wednesday, February 25, 2009


B and I have a date to eat sushi and go see these guys tonight. I saw this dance company when I was just a kiddo and I had to have my jaw scraped off the ground when it was over. I am going to put high heels on for the first time since we snuck down to city hall and got married in secret before our wedding. Geez was that fun, I think everyone should have a secret version of their wedding tucked in their back pocket somewhere.

Also, just for the record, I will never watch another Woody Allen film again, it is final and stated here for the record. We rented Vicky Cristina Barcelona and it was so dumb that some of my brains liquefied and fell out my ear. I am over Woody's land of beautiful rich people and his narrators. I can't believe that Penelope got an Oscar for putting on eyeliner and acting moody. Clearly these folks have never seen her in an Almodovar film where the crazy is way more crazy good. I also thought that Slumdog Millionaire was Not All That, I'll take Denby's barb of "cheesy and rigid" along with his accusation that Boyle uses "squalor and violence touristically' thankyouverymuch. When are they going to ask me to decide these things???

P.S. Was anyone else watching John Stewart when he started calling Rod Blagojevich Scumdog Million Hairs? Fucking awesome.


judith said...

SO with you on abandoning woody, but i have drank the Slumdog koolaid.
Lots of films get called fairy tales, but this one has the life & death horror that underscores all the ones i grew up with (that later got sanitized by Disney, but that's another rant), as well as the symmetrical overlapping narrative layers of improbable grace and impossible justice.

I like the conflicted tone i hear in people's voices after they see it. That tone is worth a lot to me: grumpy "tourists" who got more or different than they bargained for... One new friend said she walked out because the people's matter-of-fact relationship to squalor & violence upset her too much.
I don't know if it's better than other films, and the charge of appropriation (of beauty, of ugliness) is always worth exploring - from this to Paul Simon's Graceland. But so far I can't find cynicism in the director, his choice of locale or his product.

John Whistler said...

How was the Pilobobus show? I spent a half hour on their website. INCREDIBLE!

cake said...

yeah, that dance company looks amazing. jaw dropping, indeed.

i can't watch woody allen films. i know i should be able to separate what i know about an artist's personal life, from their work...but usually, i just can't. if i know that some cocky ol' man married his daughter? well, i just can't get past it.

dietlind said...

vicky cristina barcelona was so below average kelly and i forgot entirely what we had watched when we started an interesting conversation afterward. then about ten minutes later, we were both like: "what did we just watch?"