Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Already

This weekend was so beautiful that we spent most of Sunday cleaning out the garden (resulting in seven very happy chickens) but today we are back to winter. Windy, windy winter. On Sunday we kind of dug out the garlic a little bit, as a few of them looked like they were having trouble under so much mulch, but now I wonder if they are freezing out there. Oh well, I think that cold is better than rot. Most of them are ridiculously big already and just in rooting around in there we could smell the pungent garlic smell.

Yesterday I had one of those insane rushy evenings where I could not seem to get out of a faculty meeting on time for love nor money and then I drove home like a demon and got Right to Making Dinner and seriously, I just about fucked this pie up every which way possible, from not having certain ingredients to putting the filling into an *unbaked* pie crust to forgetting to salt and pepper it. But for all that the damn thing came out pretty and tasty and I would make it again. When I do so I will put the sauteed onions in the food processor with the squash and so should you. Man do I hate rushing in the kitchen, grr.

More spring despite the cold temperatures. Bulbs that I planted two years ago and now have no idea what they might be. I am so bad like that. And they are still in extremely low-quality sandy soil and they hate me but little do they know that B and I finally bought some stuff to make my Raised Bed Just For Flowers and Herbs so there is hope on the way if not this spring. I am dorky excited about the new bed, I love growing flowers and have not had enough room to do this so far. I have so many seeds, including Queen Anne's Lace seeds that I picked up at my Gramp's farm last summer. Call it a weed if you want, it's a favorite of mine. Reminds me of family and this is one girl who loves her family to the moon and back.


Chiot's Run said...

I love those leaves, how interesting!

judith said...

ooooh! that last picture - i am just sitting here with this big smile on my face. will try that pie, cuz i am the queen of f'd up seasoning and i felt this tiny lil resonance and given the vast disparity in our skills that was unexpected.
here in the kitchen that still doesn't quite recognize me it is all about foil-baked beets. love you.