Monday, March 9, 2009

And We're Off

Pretty seed packets from Pinetree Seeds.

Well kids, game on. This weekend I dug in the dirt for hours and hours and in went the peas, spinach, arugula, and three long rows of leek starts. We are going to succession plant the leeks and try to nail down the best time to start them. Last week sometime I put down black plastic to heat up the soil, and these days in the seventies have not hurt one bit in that department (last Monday students at work were sledding and by Friday they were walking around barefoot, yeesh).

Summer gardening: there is never enough room. Already I have found myself thinking "Well, we could put that in the raised bed." The one for flowers, ahem.

I am a little embarrassed at how sore I am this morning. I think it's mostly from lugging buckets of water from the rain barrels. I staggered around the yard for what seemed like hours yesterday - lemme tell you, it takes a lot of buckets to empty two 60 gallon barrels. A pump for the rear barrel is on The List. We can attach the hose to the one in front and get to the blueberries and fruit trees, but the one in the back is A Chore. Still, I watered our little farm yesterday entirely on rain from the sky.

Other exciting garden news: a friend of ours loaned us a light! For starting seeds inside! And last year B's super fantastic auntie gave us a garden store gift certificate as a housewarming present after we bought our house and we finally used it on two heating mats for the seedlings and some trays and some bulbs and some seed starting soil and we still didn't spend the thing down. Way. Fun. So last night B and I sat on the kitchen floor, he in his awesome Christmas bathrobe from my mum, me in my lovely pink vintage nightie from my mum and we potted and poked tiny holes for tiny seeds: tomatoes, eggplants, basils, winter squash, peppers, tomatillos. All the heat loving things that we normally have to buy as starts. We giggled and smooched and uttered for the millionth time: "I would never be doing this without you." And then we sat in front of the glowing florescent light with great anticipation, as if they would sprout before our very eyes. Yay.


leya said...

I'm super jealous. City life is a bummer when it comes to gardening. I really miss digging and planting and eating the lovely day I will have another garden. one day...

Chiot's Run said...

I wish it were that warm here. We still have a bit of time, but I need to clean up my cold frame and get my beet seeds in - yeah!

Congrats on the light, it's so much fun to start things indoors.

rachel said...

i love to think of B. in his robe!

queenbeehoney said...

i wish i had a photo of B in his robe...and you in your vintage finery.

Heather said...

Rachy, I still haven't mended the pocket!!!



cake said...

gawd you guys are sure cute.

that is awesome that you got a light as a gift. i could not believe how pricey they are! i've got something rigged up that i hope will work a bit better than last year. i just love watching those little sprouts grow, right under my nose.

i don't need to tell you, "enjoy."