Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fingertips of Summer

Hillbilly Tomato

Wooboy, this seedling stuff is so fun. While I am somewhat fruitlessly hunting the outside garden for signs of germination (which is to say hunting too early, so far only bok choy and some of the spinach and arugula that made it through the bird damage), inside we are one big germination and growing party. Yesterday when I took them out from under the light to rotate and water and cosset I rubbed my fingers over the basil and the tomatoes and could not believe that I could be smelling such summer smells in March in our living room. Awesome. This weekend I am going to try to do a little separation and repotting, although fitting everything under the light is going to be impossible.

Winter Squash, either Butternut or Delicata

The husband just called to say that we now have four cubic yards of dirt and compost in our driveway. This weekend is all about getting the new huge raised bed ready to go. I have been holding off on a photo because it's empty but will post one soon, it's so neat.


In other exciting news, we just ordered almost 50 pounds of meat from the farm here at work. Important staples like bacon and breakfast sausage. I think this will finally mean that we fire up the chest freezer (or the Bat Freezer as we call it, it's black and lives in the basement) because hot on the heels of all this mammal will come cherries and berries and before you know it peaches and it's a fact that our current freezer is usually dumping large containers of homemade chicken stock on your foot when you open it so a little organization and space in there will be welcome. Yay.

** Oh God, I just noticed that this is the second post to start with a version of woo-boy. And before that woowee. I can do better, I know it.


Alan said...

I'm pretty sure it was the whole "pink nightie" ritual that got your seedlings off to such a wonderful start. I may have to take you up on your offer of one for my own planting efforts. Think I could sell tickets? I'm sure posting pictures would change my blog status from family friendly to scary.

Chiot's Run said...

So exciting! All of my tomatoes are doing wonderfully I can hardly wait to eat one!

dig this chick said...

I love your woo boy and wowee. You just keep at it. Oh, I am jealous of your starts! Happy gardening this weekend