Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up They Pop

Ooh, just looking at these pictures makes me giggle and hop. We planted our seeds Sunday night. Yesterday was Tuesday, and when B and I crouched down to peer at the seeds I said "No way anything germinated, it's only been two days!" and then we both said, "Hey look at that!" Dozens of little basil heads had popped up, along with one brave Sungold Tomato and a Butternut Squash. Well hello there, welcome to the family.

Also, the peach tree is blossoming. This is a little troubling, as things are sure to get cold around here again. Hermph. Here are some photos, taken at the same time of morning. I do not understand The Flash one bit, it just goes off accidentally when I forget to turn it off and sometimes it is neat.

The time change. Is this kicking anyone's ass? Because it sure is kicking our ass. Next week is spring break, and we have a little trip up to Maine in the cards. We need it, we are pretty worn out around here. There will probably be snow. And exciting foods. And the seeing of some lovely, lovely friends and family. Good.


dietlind said...

maine? le sigh. i am so homesick for maine right now. and coordinating a visit with you would be the swellest! unfortunately, i can't make it right now. i am shooting to take a week off in mid june and visit friends and family back home. guess what? i made pad thai tonight! yum! hello tamarind sauce that took me ten minutes to find in wholefoods. i love the first of the two peach photos. and i love you!

amy said...

i just love sprouting greenery...a sign of things to come!
happy "almost" spring!

queenbeehoney said...

oh oh, i'm ready for a stint at The Pride Cottages and Motel! have a wonderful time in Maine and come home all rested up for spring and gardening!

Alan said...

Pretty sure it was the "lovely pink vintage nightie" the got them popping up so fast. Sounds like a rather pagan planting ritual. Apparently it worked.

cake said...

that is shocking, especially the tomato! i planted some seeds indoors too, on sunday. so far, nothing. the arugula and lettuce outside though? going crazy with sprouts. but you already know of the super-hero ways of the arugula.

right now, we have temps in the twenties at night, so i've covered everything outside.

it is just so damn hard to wait!

Anna said...

I just wanted to say hello~ I'm not actually sure how I ended up here, but I'm glad I did! I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog~ thank you!