Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arugula & Potatoes

Guess what that is?? C'mon, guess! Ok. It's a potato! A Fingerling Potato to be more specific. I read this about growing potatoes in pots and before I knew it there were seed potatoes sitting in our house. Chitting, no less. Lots of folks went down the used tire path for potatoes in the last few years, but honestly no one reported great results with that and the husband was not psyched to have a bunch of old tires in the front yard. So now we have 15-gallon pots - not overly sexy either, but with how fast these guys came up I think they will be spilling over the edge in no time.

And then of course arugula, some experimental container arugula. Fingerling potatoes and arugula are so good together. Think roasted red pepper and skillet browned fingerling potatos, and then the arugula goes in at the last minute so it gets ever so slightly wilty and yum. Salt, pepper, ume vinegar, rosemary.

Ok, grow potatoes, we are waiting on you.


cake said...

i recently posted a recipe featuring those two!

this is my first year for potatoes. but they are in the ground, and i will be "hilling" them, as they grow. mine have not yet popped up though.

Melanie said...

hmmmm ... thinking about adding potatoes to my veggies, thanks for the post - and the links.