Saturday, April 25, 2009


Eeps, I have fallen off the blogging wagon backwards and am covered with dust. Things have been just nuts around here - a lot of work, a lot of play, and a *lot* of digging in the dirt. I rushed out of the house this morning (on the way to work, yes, on a Saturday) and meant to take pictures of some of the various exciting things outside (new rhubarb leaf, neat rows of beets or carrots or lettuce or bok choy, flats and flats and flats of home started peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, basil, tomatillos, squash, younameit, columbine blossoms, flax sprouts, stop-me-now-before-I-go-on-and-on-oh-wait-I-did-already) but I got out there and promptly got too excited about it all so I watered a few things and then I really had to get my ass in gear and go to work. So. We are left with what was on the camera, which are white lilacs and tulips and snowdrops. All from the yard. Note the serious color harmony action going on with our sugar bowl.

In other exciting news, guess who is headed south in our direction right as I type this? My mum! I am so excited. We are going to cook and hike and giggle and she is going to pet a chicken and eat some eggs.

Hope spring is as crazy beautiful where you guys are.

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dig this chick said...

Oh spring is crazy beautiful in western Montana and I can so relate to the not-writing-and-instead-digging thing. It's the right thing to do. Have fun with your ma. xo